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Thread: TV show with ABDL character

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    Default TV show with ABDL character

    A friend of mine is currently working on a TV show pilot about a group of young adults with various sexual fetishes, and how they deal with daily life (and especially night life) with their specific fetish on the mind. Think of it as similar to the FX sitcom Starved, except replace "eating disorders" with "fetishes". I read an early draft of the script and it's pretty clever. What is particularly interesting is how it does not negatively label the characters as "freaks" but rather treats them as normal people with unique quirks.

    Amongst the main characters is a man with... you guessed it... a diaper fetish. The draft I read doesn't make it clear if he's an adult baby or simply a diaper lover, but my guess leans towards the former.

    The pilot is still many stages away from being greenlit by (or even pitched to) a network, but I can't help but think that if this show were to end up on TV, would it bring the ABDL community into mainstream awareness? And if so, in a good way or bad way?

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    While I've said a good many times that I don't think there's any benefit to putting this in the public eye, I've also said a time or two that if it was to be done in a beneficial way, showing it alongside other unusual behaviors would be the most helpful. However, I was watching The TV Set (2006) - IMDb last week and that doesn't fill me with any great confidence as to the likelihood of anything good getting through. I'll hope for the best, though.

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    i think that a majority of people are too close minded to accept any fetishes and i sincerely doubt that any amount of tv shows positive or not will change that. i do feel however that even if it only changes a few peoples perspectives each time its viewed its worth it. if it helps just a few teens grow up with a little parental acceptance than its all worth it...

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    The AB/TB/DL fetish is too "freaky" in the eyes of the public. If someone has a fetish for something else, more tangible to the minds of the general public, it may be easier, but diapers is quite the unique fetish in that way.

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    I don't think we're to far from experiencing something of a *B/DL out break on TV, I know that a number of BBC shows have had subtle messages (and not so subtle ones), the odd explicit mention and on two occasions (that spring to mind) characters dressed up and playing baby. Yes this is just one network (and since I don't have access to the rest, most of the time, I'm going to hold out hope they're not the only ones) but I think that something that involves an out and out *B/DL character is increasingly likely, I just hope to god it's not a soap where it's used to bring drama and where the character is ridiculed for our kink, so I'm all for supporting a project that we have input on so we can monitor how it's going to be handled.

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    i hope that it happens, but i highly doubt that it ever would, people are too ignorant to accept any kind of fetish, let alone a TV show about multiple. there are some accepting people, but not many (that i know of)

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    Family guy constantly has Abdl references and thats mainstream.... its out there but subtile

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    I'm not adversed to it being out there as I keep this side a secret from others, the show doesn't sound like my cup of tea but that is more of a personal taste. The public will think what it wants to think, most will still see us as freaks but will forget about it once the show is off the air. So I don't think there will be any change really, we won't be liked or hated any more than we are now.

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    As most of the others have implied, if it brings the fetish into the mainstream it won't be in a positive way that's for sure. The media will find a way to make it appear to be grotesque and wrong, as they do with everything else related to sex. :p

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    I remember watching a clip of the Tyra Banks show when they were talking about fetishes. This brave lady went on TV and told everyone watching that she was an adult baby. I really wish I could just give her a hug for doing that. Such bravery

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