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Thread: Hi everybody!!!

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    Talking Hi everybody!!!

    I am Jeb. I look forward to getting to know this community better.

    I am sorta nervous to introduce myself, but here it goes:

    I am 18 and finishing up my last year of high school. I live with my wonderful family. I have 4 siblings and my family is very christian. I guess i am sort of struggling with my religion right now and deciding how involved I want to be with it. I am worried about how I feel about diapers and if this will ever co-exist with my faith. I believe in staying pure (I am a virgin) and am not sure my feeling toward diapers are leading me in the right path.

    I am very open and loving person, and lover everyone, even if I dont understand them, I dont know that some of my family is always going to feel that way.

    I think my interests are pretty normal for an 18 year old guy. (maybe except for the diapers...) I like tv and music. I like hanging out with my friends. I like hiking and camping. I am not into drugs at all. (maybe also a little different from some kids my age) and am a pretty strict Vegetarian as is most of my family.

    Even though my am religious and that is a big part of who I am, I am really accepting of all differnt types of people. I have friends who are Islamic and Jewish and even atheist. I try hard not to judge people and only hope that no one will judge me with out getting to know me.

    I look forward to learning more about eveyone hear, and understanding this and how I feel about it a little better. I know I did not talk much about my interest in diapers, I am sure I will have many other places to talk about that on this site.

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    Welcome! Your intro was fantastic, unlike so many, and I'm sure you'll find ADISC a welcoming and supportive place. It seems like you might be struggling with self-acceptance, in which case you can find plenty of support from members who have had the same trouble.
    Once again, welcome!

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    Thank you so much for the warm welcome.

    I am struggling with self-acceptance. I just dont see how liking diapers the way that I do will fit into the life I want. It may just not. But I am willing to try.

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    Hi Jeb, very nice intro. It sound of if you are the run-of-the-mill teen. With one little quirk, You found the right place. All of us here have one or two, you should fit in quit nicely. As for the items in ( )'s. Don't worry about them that is what make a person that much stronger.

    I was 21 before I lost my virginity, and as for drugs, I've never been high in my entire life. ( I'm 39 ) You will find a balance for your life.

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    Jeb I definitely relate to almost everything you said (except the whole vegetarian thing).
    I am 18, struggle with faith/DL coexistance.
    I believe myself to be open minded.
    Feel myself to be normal, and stay away from sex and drugs and all that.

    Welcome to the site, wish you the best.

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    Hi Jeb. Vegetarians Unite! Great into - very sincere. It's good that you struggle with religion, I think people should. Religion is supposed to challenge us, force us to grow, not force us into stagnation. Perhaps you could explain your interest in diapers and how in conflicts with your world view, we could help with advice, or at least commiserate with you.


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