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Thread: Where To Find Molicare Maxi (?)

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    Default Where To Find Molicare Maxi (?)

    I was actually just looking around a site for the Moliform booster reviews and clicked on a review page for Molicare Supers...

    Anyway, there was a picture 'NEW molicare maxi pink'

    Now, who knows how 'new' the review is.. for all I know it was taken in 98. But yea, there's people out here who know their diapers so I'm looking for your help!

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    I have never heard of seen of them. They're MOlicare Classic or Super or Super Plus.

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    I know they are available in Australia. I think they are in between Extra and Super in absorbency. Here in Aus, most of the molicare briefs have cloth like side panels and stretchy tapes. They are super comfortable to wear and the fit feels different to that of a normal diaper. Molicare Super Plus are the only diapers here that remain completely plastic backed. They also have completely different packaging. See: HARTMANN | Taped all-in-one continence pads | MoliCare® Premium for more info

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