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Thread: messy diapers = uti?

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    Default messy diapers = uti?

    Im just curious if anyone else got UTIs from messy diapers? I rarely do it, but when I was younger and I did it, id often end up with a UTI, is that common?

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    I can't say for sure as I am not a licensed medical practitioner but it does make sense...Infections are caused by some form of bacteria.

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    Does make sense...

    Urine is usually sterile...unless you have an infection or another medical condition...

    So to get one you would have tonget bacteria into that area...

    This is a major problem with catheters...they can and sometime do introduce bacteria in there and valia a uti...

    But I'm not a dr. Either...

    I've had then in past usually from cath use though not diapers...this is the reason I'll not go to caths unless absolutely infection really sucks...


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    For an infant, this is a common cause for UTI regardless of gender; and most infants will get a UTI between birth and one year. After infancy, however, males do not have anywhere near as significant a problem. This is due to the length of the urethra.

    Any female who wears diapers regularly, from toddlerhood through the senior years, would be at increased risk of a UTI due to soiling said diaper.

    On a separate topic, any male or female are at a markedly increased risk of skin breakdown and infection due from stool, however.

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    a UTI can be had from even "wiping forward" especially in women or so the urologists say. e-coli lives naturally in your intestines and you have a higher chance of getting UTI's wearing especially if there is waste then mixed with 'flooding' that over saturates the diaper area and think of it like 'floating the bacteria all over the place' to get in any openings it's not supposed to be in. If the waste for example is to the point of discoloring the front area (for male) and you are just 'sitting there pressed into it for even a while' then the odds of you getting an infection are naturally going to be higher. Common sense I'd think. I mean you you take chances on doing things that would -definitely- be pressing an opening into waste just to get one? *btw, they aren't fun - I have plenty of Uroxatrol and Amoxil laying around to fight it. I get them fairly easy.

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    I know I was born early due to me some how getting a UTI. Still trying to figure that one out, ended up being a month premie from it. UTI's are common with catheters, that's why most facilities dont use them often or for any longer than necessary these days. Most of my post surgical patients I had in my med-surg clinical this past semester had them out within like a day or so. Its very much possible to get a UTI from poop. Like said above urine is sterile but once bacteria is introduced look out. It seems that (at least for males or more to the point, me) if I change right out of the diaper and pee it keeps things from getting all infected.

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    I have never had any problems with being in a messy diaper extended amounts of time.

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    it was said before due to the length of the uretha in boys/men and other factors its pretty rare for us to get uti's. i get uti's and actual kidney infections because of several defects in my urinary system but its associated with bacteria that is able to travel through out my urinary system and not from being say fecal incontinent which i am btw. if you are a guy and have an normal urinary system i doubt you will ever get a uti.

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    Because I've had IBS and urge incontinence (urinary and bowel) since childhood, I've messed myself thousands of times (wearing diapers or regular underwear). I've had only a couple UTI's in 40 plus years. This is just one reason you should change a messy diaper asap. In fact, if you are a male, you are more likely to develop a bad rash than a UTI. That being said, some people are just more susceptible than others to infections (sans the messy diaper).

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    I would have to agree with Spaz, waslost, and kitsiulla (among others) on this, that UTI's (especially in men) are not commonly caused by delayed or improper cleanup from a messy diaper. I only deal with urinary incontinence, I do not have bowel incontinence (I do admit I've had a few episodes where I've lost control and I can feel for those who fight with it). However, I have gotten several UTI's (probably six or seven)over the years, and I doubt they came from bacteria entering through the urethra. I know at least two of the UTI's I've had have been diagnosed as starting out as an infection elsewhere in my system that migrated into my urinary system.

    That said, I've also had diaper rash enough to know that it can hurt like hell, and that you would more likely get a skin infection or other major problem from having untreated diaper rash and delayed or poor cleanup from a messy diaper.

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