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Thread: Favorite RPG's?

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    Default Favorite RPG's?

    Note: This thread is relating to console or PC RPG's. (Example: Mass Effect/Dragon Age.) Not board games. (Example: Dungeons and Dragons.)

    I saw no thread what-so-ever about this specific topic, so I set out to create one! This is the result, obviously.

    Japanese RPG's (Abbreviated: JRPG) and English RPG's alike, depending on which you play, unfold a story that drags you in, along side a cast of characters that catch your eye.

    I'm curious, however. What is your favorite RPG? It can be Shooter/RPG, such as the Fallout games, and Mass Effect, simple turn-based, such as the Final Fantasy series, and Legend of ___ series. (Mana, Legaia, and so on and so forth) or anything in between. I'm sure you catch my drift!

    As of right now, it would have to be Eternal Sonata. I'm not far in, only about 3-4 hours so far, but the bright, brilliant colors, the characters and the simple, yet fun, fighting style all bring an interesting and entertaining method of play for this unique JRPG.

    Another goody and favorite of mine would have to be Mass Effect.
    Something about multiple choices which carry on from game to game, changing the game as I make said choices, is one of the most entertaining methods of grabbing the player and not letting him put that controller down.

    So, again, what about you? What JRPG or American RPG would you dare dub your favorite? Or close to it, for those who love them all greatly.

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    Mass Effect would have to be my favorite. I have over 50 videos on youtube relating to it, Mass Effect is awesome :P

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    only one i truly enjoyed was dragon age and KOTOR 2
    edit: just realized that the only true RPG i ever played where dragon age and KOTOR 2

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    Nothing can top Secret of Mana on the Super Nintendo!

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    Tales of series is fun, granted I've only played Symphonia and Vesperia. Final Fantasy has its moments, even if you want to jump into the screen and beat the characters with a stick sometimes. And there really isn't a lot of roleplaying in those games, more just adventure. Mass Effect is okay, although there is much to improve. Dragon Age is like playing WoW on a console... that is NOT a compliment. I wish I could get into it, but it just doesn't flow. There are too few buttons on a controller to really make it work, and my TV isn't the the best quality, so I can't even read what people are saying. I bought Divinity II: Ego Draconis yesterday... it feels like a better version of Dragon Age. It's like DC Universe Online, where you use left-click button on the mouse to melee, but you use hot keys to do magic/special attacks, like WoW. It's a pretty fun game.

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    An old one, or more a series really was the 'Quest for Glory Series', by Sierra.

    My current favourite RPG is by Bethesda Softworks, and is The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion

    Other ones I have loved are :

    Diablo II
    Neverwinter Nights and Baldurs Gate !

    And don't forget - Betrayal at Krondor !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coodie View Post
    Diablo II
    Neverwinter Nights and Baldurs Gate !
    Oh God, Arcanum: Of Magik Obscura?! I completely forgot about that game! That's one of my favorite old RPG's, haha. The ability to do anything whenever you feel... glorious!

    Baldurs Gate was a fun game to play with friends. I used to do it all the time on the PS2.


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    Either World of Warcraft or Recettear
    (And for those who don't know what Recettear is, it's an jrpg that involves creating a store to sell items you've collected through dungeoning, its really fun )

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    Favorite RPG: ME 1&2, Fall Out 3, and Oblivion
    Favorite JRPG: Final Fantasy series, Lost Odyssey, Tales series, Star Ocean series, Chrono Trigger/Cross and Golden Sun series

    You should really play Lost Odyssey!! The best JRPG of this gen in my opinion =P

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    I am huge on final fantasy even though I have not played them all. but FFVIII is my favorite RPG of all time... correction my favorite game of all time. I just love the story. the ending scene is so moving to me every single time I beat the game. I love the dream world sections. I love the towns, the scene on in the ragnorok, the city of esthar. I love everything about this game. It was my first venture into RPG'S and will always have a special place in my heart.

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