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Thread: Movies with subtitles

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    Default Movies with subtitles

    Okay to start with, we have a poll!

    By "films with less emphasis on dialogue" I am talking about things like martial art films or something similar. Films where you could happily watch them without subtitles; it's not very important to the film (in your opinion).

    The poll is just an ice-breaker, the point of the thread is to discuss movies with subtitles (foreign/non-English (language) films), films you like. And also, what you think people generally think about them.

    For example, my local cinema would almost never dare show a film that was subtitled. The only time I remember them doing so was the movie Hero, and even then the cinema was filled with warning signs:
    "CAUTION: The film "Hero" has subtitles, a refund will NOT be given..."

    So what do you think? Do you watch 'normal' foreign films. Do you see the point?

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    I don't think I've ever heard of films with subtitles in the local cinema. I've seen a few films on DVD with subtitles, martial arts ones and one or two anime. Oh yeah a few French ones as well. I generally prefer the no subtitles. But if the dubbing is really bad - subtitles are definately prefered.

    I have no interest in a lot of areas of film though - e.g. Most French or Bollywood films wouldn't be even considered. All in all, if the film is well made, I don't see it as a problem. I'll stick to the mainstream ones and pick out the best of the foreign ones.

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    I watch movies with sub titles as long as there not interupted with commercial breaks, I watch them on IFC, and TCM, but I can't stand silet movies from the early days.

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    I dont really care if their subtitles or not, but the only thing I do care about if their uncut or not. The reason for this is that I noticed that a uncut movies is better then a moive that been cut for whatever reason.

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    The only film I can think of that has subtitles that I own is The Da Vinci Code. But, a good portion of the film was in another language, hence, the subtitles. When I watch movies that were made in the US, I find the subtitles really distracting. It causes me to read the text rather than watch the movie.

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    Unfortunately, there's only one movie theater in my town, and I can't remember them ever having shown a foreign movie. On DVD, I do watch quite a few foreign films, some action movies, but mostly not. It does take a little while to get used to reading and watching at the same time, but after a few times, it just kind of becomes second nature. Even when I'm watching movies in English, I'll usually put the subtitles on, just so I can look down at them in case I can't quite understand something that is said.

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    Some of my favourite films aren't in English (Pan's Labyrinth, City of God, Amores Perros...)and I've never really had a problem with subtitles. It would be nice to understand the actors to get the full benefits of their performances but if the quality of the film is good enough then reading the lines is the next best thing and is certainly a lot better than dubbed films, which are generally horrible.

    I suppose I've been fortunate in that there has always been at least one decent independent 'artsy' type cinema in the cities I've lived and you can sometimes get foreign films at the bigger multiplex places as well so I've had plenty of opportunities to see this films.

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    I've watched subtitled films since I was old enough to read them. I was a little resistant to subtitles in anime, as the visuals were a significant part of the appeal, but the more I got into watching them that way, the more I enjoyed them. There are a few anime dubs I like, but my overwhelming preference these days is for subtitles. For live-action films, it was never a contest- subtitles all the way.

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    Most movies I like are in English and I generally hate translation so I tend to stick to English movies. (Dutch movies are really bad) I watch movies with Dutch translation just because they don't show movies here without Dutch subs (ignoring the dubbed versions as I NEVER watch those, they mutilate the movies with the translations that's also the reason I don't like translations from any language.)

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