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Thread: I'm back. Did you even notice I was gone?

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    Default I'm back. Did you even notice I was gone?

    Hey ADISC community, this is my re-introduction.

    I took a break for a few months, but decided I really miss having a supportive community to talk about diaper related interests, and other miscellaneous stuff, so I'm back. Who am I, you ask? Well, my real name is MyWorld (JK - I still keep this part of my life private) and I am an adult with a job and a house (also, all I'm going to say about that).

    I've been curious about diapers since I was 8 years old, probably because I had a baby brother and was a little jealous of all the attention he got. That interest lasted all thru my teen years, but I was too afraid to get or ask for diapers, until I was out of my parents house in college and tried my first diaper at age 20. Later, around age 25, I figured out I was gay (sometimes I can be a little slow), got really depressed, wanted to end my life, got some therapy and medication, and realized I really liked the little boy side of me, so I started wearing diapers pretty regularly. Diapers and AB stuff really helped me thru that horrible time of my life. Now, I am WAY past that, but continue to wear to bed most nights.

    Other interests: I recently discovered Glee, and I'm a total freaking fan! I'm a Mac addict - have the iMac, iPhone, iPad and am trying to resist the urge to get the new MacBook Air. I was a competitive swimmer in high school and college. I drink espresso like it's water! I used to have a cat, but she ran away, so now I am without pet. Also, I dabble in creative writing and have written a few stories for ADISC, some of them popular, some of them not.

    New Years Resolution: Stop Negativity - my own, that is. I want to become one of those people who is always happy, but not in an annoying way, just peacefully content with his life.

    Hope that's a 78% decent introduction.


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    I just joined this site, but welcome back. Sorry to hear about your cat. How long did you own her before she ran away? What type of cat was she?

    Re: your background information: I'm a gay man, too, who "came out" later in life (I was 19).

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    This is a community with a lot of activity, so it's often hard to notice an absence immediately, even among the really active members. I did happen to notice and I'm glad you came back. Good luck with being happy, as well. This song might be a bit much along those lines but in context with the program it's taken from, it's pretty solid: YouTube - The Singing Detective - Accentuate the Positive

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    i dont even know who u are lol but welcome back :P

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    I <3 glee too! It is pretty much the best show EVER! I am new. So could not of missed you, but if I knew you I would of missed you! hehe. Nice to meet you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyWorld08 View Post
    I'm back. Did you even notice I was gone?
    Um, nope.

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    Hey I remember you! Good to see you back. I love it when people come back. Huh, looks like Jewbacca was right -- he was the first of a series of "re-intro" threads! XD

    Oh, and re Macbook Air: resist the urge. It really isn't worth it. I haven't heard a single positive comment about it, and I really can't see the advantage over an ordinary Macbook, except for a trivial weight and size difference.

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    Hey guys, thanks for the welcome.
    Ghostman: my cat was just a mutt cat, but I had her for 5 years and she had a real sweet personality. She will be missed. I'm reluctant to get another cat because it would be hard to find a friendly cat like her.

    Jeb: welcome fellow Gleek!

    Trevor: you were originally assigned to me as my welcoming buddy when I originally joined in 2008. Now look at you, a Moderator! I'm impressed.

    Deke (an alias, I admit, but at least you can call me something)

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