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    Welcome to adisc, but I'm sure there's far more to you than that. So how about some of your other interests that don't pertain to diapers? We discuss other things here too so we'd like to get to know --->You<--- =)

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    I'm sure you have other interests? Music? Sports? Science? Religion?
    There are numerous things that you could like other than diapers, and I am willing to bet that diapers are not the only thing in the world you enjoy. I mean, do you enjoy going on walks or sitting in and watching TV? etc

    Also, do you enjoy your job/school? What do you study/work as?

    Until you give slightly more info, we can't really respond to your posts elsewhere without being slightly hesitant, but heck, welcome to ADISC

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    So... outside of diapers; what do you do for fun?

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    welcome.... what do you do for fun other than diapers? LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyJake View Post
    That's pretty much it...
    So either everyone knows, or you are a VERY boring person in real life.

    I wish my life could be summarised in one singles sentence... it would probably be a run-on sentence, which is grammatically incorrect, therefore SHALL NOT EXIST! RAWR!

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