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    Ok here's my story. I don't wanna go on and on, I'm not good at talking about myself. Dad is bipolar, he beat me and my mom. I had a brother die of sids, when I was 5. My mom, wasen't a very good mom. Guess they were both young, so it might've been hard for them as parents, looking back on it, i'm sure it was very hard for my mom. I wasen't out of diapers till I was 6. One of my most vivid memories, that may have led to me being ab. There was this time in daycare, kids will be kids, I was either 6 or 7. We had a food fight in the lunch room, somehow I got caught, they made me sit in a highchair in front of everyone. Damn I want a highchair so bad lol! Mom and Dad divorced, lived with my mom, we lived at my grandparents, she was never home, she was always running around with her boyfriends. My dad got custody of me, I was 7. When I got to my dad's house, my mom had dropped all my stuff at my dad's house. She was mad at him, hell maybe me to, but she had thrown all my things all over my dad's yard! So that night we partied, don't know if my dad might've done this cause he wanted me to forget what my mom did. We drank Tom Collins, and got high. Granted I was 7, so i'm sure I didn't do much at all!

    When I went to live with my dad, maybe a year later, he remarried. When they began starting a family, I got lost in the shufflle. I felt like I was in the way, like they didn't want me there. One day, like everyone, this was my moment to walk down the lonley road of adultbaby blvd. Took one of my sisters diapers, put it on, felt safe and secure and horney lol. Got caught, dad took me to my grandma's in front of the whole family and tried to get me to answer why I did this! This was 1985! I had no idea why I did this! Did it again, got caught again, this time sent to the shrink. That did 0 good! Quit for a long time, then the urge was there and I wen to the store and bought a package of Pamper ultra, damn the smell, the feel, the crinckle! WOW! Got caught, dad said, if I ever do it again he'll kill me!

    I found the girl of my dreams, the reason I say of my dreams. She just understood everything about me, she didn't judge me, she was just there for me. I felt safe and comfortable with her. I might say she was 17, and I was 20Her family took me in right away, well actually just her and her mom. I don't know why her mom ever took to me the way she did. Did she feel sorry for me, does she love me ect. After living with her family, her mom and dad decided to divorce. The whole family blamed me, I was going through hell, one night we were laying in bed. I began crying she asked what was wrong, I told her I feel like I'm 5 years old again, going through my own mom and dad's divorce. She asked what could she do to make me feel better, I said just hold me and tell me everything's going to be ok. She did, and not long after that one thing led to another, and she began babying me. This was 1992, they had the gender specific diapers. We first had to modify the diapers, we'd use safety pins to connect the diaper. She really enjoyed the control she had, she would always threaten me, telling me if we ever broke up she'd tell everyone about my baby side. Oh to get back to the gender diapers, she'd get the pampers for girls, even though I'm 100% straight. I have to admit, we did talk about this but we never did it. For some reason, I've always wanted to dress up as a baby girl, I think it would just be really embarassing and more babyish. Having my mommy, left up my dress to check my diaper lol. We got in this huge fight, and I didn't want her going off and telling everyone about my baby side. The only person I cared enough about, that I respected and loved her. I didn't want her to judge me, I wanted her to hear it from my heart, was her mom. Her mom's like the mom, I've never had. Unconditional love. She would buy me clothes, and things I needed, no one has ever done that for me. So I told her mom, and she didn't bat an eye. She even asked alot of questions, one thing led to another and she began babying me. Her daughter and I did get back together, I was living the Jerry Springer show for real. Her mom found away to make the diapers better without the safety pins! I eventually ran her daughter off, that's what being bipolar does for you.

    I live with her mom, I've finally accepted I'm bipolar. I've been seeing a doctor and taking meds since 04. I'm waiting to hear back for my disability, My doctors reccomended that I file for it. If I would've accepted it sooner, I'd still be with my gf/mommy. I hope to someday, find her again

    My hobbies Music, sports, video games, movies, and politics

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    Welcome to adisc! That's quite and introduction but maybe a little too in depth so you might wanna check this thread out. :p But anyway, so what are some of your other interests? This is a support community and we talk about other things besides the AB/DL life style so we like to get to know each other a little better.

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    Welcome to the forums, I think that there's a few "TMI" parts in there though. Aside from the whole ab/dl scene, what else are you into hobby wise and all?

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    ... can I call it this time and say "no way this all happened," please? I'm sorry, but... getting babied by your girlfriends mom, getting put into a highchair in front of everyone when there was a huge food fight (probably with at least ONE other person, I'd hope), and getting high/drink with your dad? I'm sorry but... yeahhhhh, gonna pull the "no way it happened" alarm.

    Is it all POSSIBLE? Yes. Probable or plausible, or even likely? probably not. I could go on and dissect each thing I see that's wrong, but I'll just leave what I've said up for now.


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    You believe what you want. This is my life 100% true. What me being babied by 2 people, that's your fantasy. What about being abused, what about being bipolar, is that a fantasy. I say it is what it is.

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    TMI. It's my introduction, it's my life story. I said what my hobbies were. I don't understand when, someone is introducing themselves, how you can sit their and judge, TMI, you're story is not true ect. How can you judge someone's life, oh well this isn't my 1st rodeo with the ab community. It always amazes me, cause the ab community has some of the most judgemental, close minded, mean spirited people there is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 77mommysdiperboykcmo View Post
    You believe what you want. This is my life 100% true. What me being babied by 2 people, that's your fantasy. What about being abused, what about being bipolar, is that a fantasy. I say it is what it is.
    Uhm, not that I would have worded it the way Mikeru chose to but he simply meant that the depth of your introduction was pretty far-fetched and really not necessary. If you'd like to discuss events such as the ones you did, in depth, you should probably hang around on the site for awhile and get to know people. Make friends and if you make good friends that want to get to know you even better, thats when you get deeper into your personal life. In private too, not out in the open or even on this site for that matter, as some people may find it disturbing or just plain inappropriate.

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    This user has been banned for lying about their age, not to mention that much of this seems unlikely.

    Thread closed.

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