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Thread: AB cartoon

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    Default AB cartoon

    I wounder if anyone would be interested in make AB cartoon I got software called toon boom studio you can make own cartoon . It the same software family guy uses for there show it really cool what you can do with it.

    I was thinking we could all come up with charaters and a script to togheter with voice over for each charater if you want do voice part. It could be short or long depending on what you all would like to do for it as commuinity.

    I just figure nice friendly AB cartoon the whole community could help and even furry and DL could help just idea.

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    An interesting idea, but your missing the key factor: What's it about?

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    well that what we all got come up and agree on we could have gaint baby or talking diaper lol basic want ever we like we all just need to come up with plot also most like community stories were you make plot go the way as author write it.

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    maybe it could be based on a story in the finished story section, but how would we voice it?

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    I called voice over you record voice using mic then match it to the charaters mouth as they speak my program will intergrade all stuff we do into full cartoon with all bell and wistle .

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    Sounds good, I'd be interested in bouncing ideas around, but I'm not much of a writer, and I might be persuaded to do a little voice acting, I have a program called audacity that's freeware, it does reasonable recordings and has a robust editing suite so people can tweak their own stuff before sending it for final edit to who ever's making the cartoon.

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    Sounds good. That would be awesome lol

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    I like the idea, but animation is a lot more than just having the software. You need to be able to draw, know how people move, etc... And then you have to storyboard, write a realistic script, and get all the lip-syncing perfect. It's not easy, to say the least.

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    And it takes a lot of time.
    Maybe it could be a biographic type story about someone discovering their abdl side?
    (just shooting ideas)

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    Or something like one of Mandy's old stories with all the regular ADISC members meeting up. And everyone can do their own voice!

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