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    Ok so i was considering trying out some better diapers over the next few weeks.
    I was planning on sending them to my college mailing address.

    Does anyone know if there is anything I should be careful of using this. I know I ordered a depends sample to my college address before but I never got it.

    I'd rather not get a post office box or something silly like that if I don't have to.

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    Most diapers you get, if not all, will be shipped in a box from the parent company that you ordered from. They're very discrete, and don't hint at anything. The only times that you'd be compromised, is when you order sample packs because those end up having the regular diaper companies logo on it. Most places will also email you a tracking number so you can keep watch on your package if timing is crucial. The only real companies I've ordered from were Bambino, and Abena, and both were flawless to deal with.

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    I'm pretty sure they're all discrete. :p As long as no one were to go through your package you should be fine.

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    I actually don't care if anyone in my schools post office knows what I am ordering. I am more concerned about any technical difficulties with delivery and stuff like that. Mainly stuff that would result in either a great deal of headache tracking down the diapers or something inconvenient like getting a call and having to sign for them.

    Bambino was the company I was going to try.

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    you shouldn't have any problems with them, I didn't anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsacurlyone View Post
    I'd always order on line but may be that's because I'm just biased!
    ...against? :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coritou View Post
    ...against? :p
    Cos I run an on line company myself

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    You shouldn't have any troubles. Many companies are very good at making sure their product reaches their customer. As I said, most give you a tracking number as well, so you can track it and it's every location switch and current status.

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