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Thread: So I need some advice

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    Default So I need some advice

    I'm sort of new to being an AB. I'm in college, i LOVE diapers, but sadly have never been able to try anything more than depends =/

    I don't have a roommate so privacy isn't a problem. Money isn't an issue either.

    What i really want is to totally indulge myself in age regression at least once while i'm young. However, i have absolutely no idea where to look for someone who shares my interest in diapers. There's nothing i want more than to wear a diaper in a crib wearing mittens and a paci. There's something about being stuck in a diaper that i love.

    Having only ever used depends, i really don't know of any other products out there. What i'm looking for is something thick and crinkly.

    Also, another problem i had was if i ordered diapers online, what kind of box do they come in? Would anything on it give away that i was carrying diapers (i would have to pick the package up at the mailroom and carry it to my dorm)

    any help/advice is greatly appriciated! ^^

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    If you order diapers online they will come in discrete packaging so no worries there. As long as no one opened it you're safe. If you're looking for thick and crinkly I'd recommend Bambino diapers. I'm not familiar with too many brands as far as wearing but those are very good quality and decent as far as babyish.

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    could you please provide a link to a place i could find that brand? ^^

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    cool tyvm, now i see when ordering a 2 pack choice as the smallest order (i want to test them first), how many in a pack? or does that specifically mean 2 diapers

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    kk, now about meeting people, does abdl have annual get togethers or something? i'd like to get to know some people who share this interest

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    They don't condone organizing such events on this site from what I've gathered, other communities do though I'm sure. This is mainly a support group/community. :p

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    There are plenty of people on here to talk with though, so don't be shy. :p

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