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Thread: Making monster-pocket romper- vote on a color, please!

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    Default Making monster-pocket romper- vote on a color, please!

    At a local thrift store, I came across a pair of 1990s white velour overalls that I'm resewing into a cute romper suit to sell. Trying them on showed the unfortunate fact that, while they nicely fit over a diaper, you can see the printing on my x-pluses through the fabric, so I need to order some fabric dye to make this not an issue.

    The patch pockets I'm adding are going to be rounded rectangle shaped fleece with brightly colored monsters on them, and I need your vote on what color would look cute for a background. The monsters are combinations of bright red, lime green, bright orange, medium blue, navy, and yellow. Any of the colors except the yellow will hide the wetness indicators on a diaper. I want this to be a unique piece among the pale blues and pinks of the AB clothing world, so bright colors are fine.

    So, since no one knows AB clothing more than us, reply with your vote. Thanks!

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    Hm. I'd say go with whatever is predominant on your monster fabric.

    That way it will make the other bright monster colors 'pop'. (Unless the background color is yellow.)

    I'd think that, depending on how you felt about it, blue, navy or red would be nice.

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    I would say navy, it would make the monsters stand out more.

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    I think the red would be good especially if you go for the primary colours look instead of the pastel look

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    I think I like a pastel look, maybe the lime green. I frankly don't mind if the diaper shows through a little though. It feels more babyish and it is not like you are going to wear it out. A link to current designs might be helpful here, if adisc allows it.

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