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Thread: Going to the toilet more and more often would result in incontinence?

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    Lightbulb Going to the toilet more and more often would result in incontinence?

    Some people were wondering in a previous thread if holding would eventually make you go incontinent. It appears to be very dangerous for your kidneys and ureters, on top of the pain already caused by holding it, not to mention the infection risks.

    Well, as a curious mind, I'm wondering what would be the long-term effects of taking the habit of going to the toilet more often than needed.
    If you usually need to go, say every 3 or 4 hours, and start going every 1 or 2 hours instead. You could imagine the same process at night, by waking up to go to the loo once if you were not used to wake up at night, and twice if you were already going once.

    I haven't done the experiment myself, and I don't intend to. However, I wouldn't be surprised if someone had tried that before.
    After a long time, would that eventually decrease your bladder capacity? Decrease the nerves hability to alert your brain and tell you when you need to go, as you now go before the nerves send any signal to your brain?
    Would that decrease your sphincter's power in holding it, as it doesn't need to work as hard?

    I can be wrong and I don't want to suggest any bad or dangerous idea to anyone. But although I didn't take any anatomy classes at school, it would somehow seem logical to me if this would eventually make you loose a bit the control over your own bladder. Probably not make you incontinent, but increase the wetting accidents when "you really have to go", decrease the "I need to wee" feeling, and obviously make you go more often as you got into that habit.

    The thing I fear is that it could result in your sphincter and bladder to become .. atrophied. Could a bladder shrink dramatically if you don't train it to hold a lot of fluid? Could your sphincter completely block the drainage of urine? It would still be used, so I don't really see how it could get blocked.

    A body part is atrophied when it is diminished in size or strength as a result of disease or injury or lack of use . Would the atrophy result in possible incontinence?

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    It might work, but self-inflicted incontinence doesn't come recommended. Expect a deluge of reasons why shortly.

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    Maybe Iím just a little too thick for my own good. In my defence though Iíve never said or implied in any way, shape or form, that Iím the sharpest tool in the box.

    So correct me if Iím wrong, you either want to be a Urologist when you grow up, or you are just looking for the famed ĎHow to become ICí fable.

    At this point all I can offer is that any exercise is good exercise and if you feel that running back and forth to the rest room does it for you, then by all means go for it.

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    Sounds like something to ask a doctor about honestly..:/

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    There is likely some truth in this. This would be similar to having a catheter in for a long period of time. Your bladder would shrink but it would not give you incontinence per say. It would give you temporary overactive bladder. A better way to do this is to just wear 24/7 and go every like 15 minutes. Going every1-2 hours would probably not do anything signifigant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverSmall View Post
    A better way to do this is to just wear 24/7 and go every like 15 minutes. Going every1-2 hours would probably not do anything signifigant.
    Yes, that's pretty much the same thing in the end.
    I'm not asking because I intend to do it, but because I'm curious. I do realize what being incontinent means (or should I say, I don't and I think I'm far better being continent). However, when I wear nappies I tend to let it go way more often than I would normally (not diapered).
    As people may have tried this, whether this is as a goal to become incontinent, or just because they were wearing diapers and like to use it as often as they can, people could come up with a conclusion on the overall effect on the bladder.
    I certainly didn't want to offence anyone.

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    I don't think anyone is offended...I'm sure either on this board or others we have read much worse...

    I'm ic an have been al long as I can remember...I dont think purposely going more than normal will make you ic...

    Your bladder may shrink...but the sphincter is still working just fine to hold your urine...

    If you have a cath in for long time...that's a long time in the sense of months...not a day or something...your sphincter will weaken and will take some exercise to get it working again...

    So I don't think you'll become ic by going to the bathroom more than normal...worst case it you may have to go to the bathroom more often than usuall until your bladder expands again.

    Trust my your bladder can expand don't worry about it too much.


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    I don't think it'd cause too much of a problem, compared to other "methods." I'm no doctor, so this is all conjecture and possibly bullshit, but it would seem like it might cause you to go more often or accidents more so due to mentality, basically your get into the routine and start think you have to go 1-2 hours, maybe think you can't hold it as long (causing you to have accidents when really could hold it longer). Could be totally wrong though

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    one of these days the incontinence sub forum will only have postings to do with support of people who are incontinent. that is what this sub forum is supposed to be for. im sorry but this is all i have to say.....

    btw if im wrong please correct me....

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    Why not just drink more water and not go to the bathroom, and accident seems inevitable. I know, I have had accidents, and wish I did not. having an accident you plan on and an aaccident you dont plan on are very different. But it guess it is up to you.

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