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Thread: hi im pochi an AB/DL and babyfur who likes mess

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    Default hi im pochi an AB/DL and babyfur who likes mess

    Hi im pochi im a babyfur in Mesa, AZ [removed]
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    Well..welcome. This isn't the site to look for daddies and such. It's a support community and there are more things discussed than diapers. You also might wanna refrain from discussing what you like to do in diapers (e.g; mess, wet) in detail, as it is kind of offensive and unnecessary. It would also be nice to know your other interests and more about you as a person.

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    I understand that but this isn't the place to advertise that. : | However there are other websites that are all for that, this just isn't one of them. We discuss AB/DL aspects in a mature and respectable manner.

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    As has been noted, that's not what an introduction is for and not what the site is for. We're happy to have you if you're looking to get some support on the ABDL front but dating and meet-ups are not part of that. I'd suggest you have a look at this thread, both for suggestions on how to do this properly and to get a better sense of the standards of the community to see if it will suit you. It really is a wonderful place if it's what you're looking for. Best wishes in working this out.

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