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Thread: How are MaxiCare briefs

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    Default How are MaxiCare briefs

    I found some MaxiCare briefs on clearance and wondered if they would be worth the $4 a bag?

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    Never tried them myself but 4$ is pretty cheap, one bag would be worth a try.

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    at $4 a bag its worth a try especially if they are the proper size. even if they are not you can still use them as stuffers or use them with stuffers if the absorbency is not too good. either way for 4 bucks a bag its not a bad investment.

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    $4 for a bag is not bad even if they are not great you would just be out 4 dollars can't complain about that. Plus you can use them as stuffers

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    I get the maxicare and wear them 24/7 for medical and there pretty good diaper only had few leaks becuase did't pull the leak guards out right but overal there pretty good diaper . The odor control pretty good special if you can't them quick and there not that thin and there plastic back diaper still what I like. They will hold up to cup and half of wetter beleave me I try I took cup of water and poured it in one when I first got them and had no leaks andf they got waist band on them too.

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