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Thread: Wearing diapers

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    Default Wearing diapers

    lets list what the positives and negatives are about wearing diapers. FOr Tape ons and Pull ups.

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    K ill go first,

    Pull ons,

    Positives, Kinda diapers, fun, feels ok. Negatives, They kinda suck, can sag.

    Tape ons,

    Positives, Awesome, best experience ever.

    Negatives, none.

    Can someone do a better, please do, My answers suck.

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    Pull on's:

    Positive: Feels good, Barely makes a sound in the Pants Quick and easy to put on and off, good for those overnight sleepovers

    Negatives: N/A

    Tape on's:

    Positives: Feels great, hold alot more than pullons and have a nice look.


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    Pull ons:
    Positive: Discreet
    Negatives: Don't hold as much as tape on's

    Tape ons:
    Positive: Feel great, more readily available, absorb more than pull ons, look better
    Negative: More bulky than Pull ons (which may not be a bad thing)

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    Pull ons:
    +:quick and easy to put on, silent, good for on-the-go type people
    -: not as babyish, not as much capacity

    Tape ons:
    +: feels more babyish, adjustable for good fit, can hold more
    -: Not as subtle as pull ons

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    Not going to reiterate what everyone else has already said here... so...

    Tape-Up >>> Pull-Ons.

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    pull up
    +quiet easy to put on
    -dosent old much

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    Default Hi All

    Pull ups are easier to put on and carry around with you (spares) but Tape ones are more secure for accidents, and I think feel better (more bulk).



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