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Thread: Im in the market for a onsie, any suggestions?

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    Default Im in the market for a onsie, any suggestions?

    I am in the market for a onsie, and have been poking around the Internet and looking at my options. Right now I am liking the OneZee T-shirt sold by fetware.

    Full coverage t shirt diaper coverall

    Has anybody had one of these particular onsies before?
    Or do can you suggest any other onsies?
    Mind you I live in the US, and don't want to import something.

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    Default sells some that are apparently made by Abena. Can be found at XP Medical - Incontinence Bodystockings, Fixing Pants and Swim Diapers I've used the medium in the past and liked it.

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    has anyone ever ordered one of these from, i know the ones they have there are not sold through amazon and was wondering if the seller still had discrete shipping?
    they are the same thing as shown above I'm just wondering cause i have some amazon cash to burn through and don't need any more books.

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    I'm pretty sure they'd ship it discretely, you could probably contact the seller and ask as well.

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    I bought from they were great

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    I like the ones from cosyndry because they're printed :3

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    I talked to my spouse about getting a onesie/bodysuit a little while ago and got a very strong negative response.
    Even though she's ok with the diapers, this just went a little too far over the top.

    I've been curious and actually tried to make one of my own at home on the sewing machine - but no dice right now.

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    I have a few OneZee T shirts from Fetware and like to wear one of those to bed during the Winter. My oldest is nearly two years old now and is still holding up quite well. So I would go ahead and try one.

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    I have onesies from they are just plain...

    I was lookin at some from privitina...thay have some nice ones there...


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    Also worth mentioning Babykins sells onezies as well. I ordered one and found it quite comfortable and nice quality. Sadly Ive outgrown it a bit. Guess that means I need to order another!

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