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Thread: How old are you really (in your mind)

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    Default How old are you really (in your mind)

    Ok I have a question about age… WE have discussed why we lie about it and all of that.
    My question is this

    What ages are you? I know this sounds too easy but hear me out.
    I see that every person has 3 ages
    1. The age of you body (when born)
    2. The age of your mind ( how old others think you act)
    3. Your Spirit (how old you think you act/feel)

    Here is an extreme example
    My Cousin is Autistic
    He is 25 in Body
    About 15-18 in mind
    Though in spirit is he 4-5

    I am 23 in body
    I about 40 in mind,
    And my spirit 4-6

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    I am 17 (not far off 18) in body.
    In mind, well I have no idea how old people think I act. Generally people see me as being mature, but then I don't really think being mature makes you seem older (at least not when you're 17) so I don't know. I'll say 17 (not far off 18) in mind.
    How old do I think I act/feel. I guess that depends... I'd say that I was 17 (not far off 18) in spirit.

    I'm so boring!

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    Ok great start, though I have had somone ask me to give a little more detail before we all start to hit the ground rinning.

    Body one is easy, we know how old we are

    MInd, one can say what maturity level, how you solve problems, this sort of thing,

    Spirit well I thought that would be esay we are on diaper oard after all, do you feel like you are a baby inside, achild, a toddler, or you own age just like to wear

    Me, I am one to take on other people issues, i have taken care of other people cence I was 12, worked all my life. Hav been the adult starting at 14. so I think I can say most of my friends that are 40 see eye to eye with me, anyone younger comes to me for advice.

    Spirit though I will always be the big kid that plays with toys, love kids (we think alike), needs to be cuddled, will walk on the edge of the sidewalk like a tight rope...

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    I am 18 in body

    In mind... I feel like I'm 30-40 sometimes. Honestly. I always over think things, and I always feel like I have to be the most mature one of my group. I'm always getting stressed about things that I don't need to be stressed about. I'm thinking more about life than I should be, because I am still just a kid.

    In spirit I guess I'm about 8-15 though. I miss those times, and always wish I could be that general age again.

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    I am 13 in body,
    I am about 18-19 in mind,
    And I am 16-17 in spirit in Public, but about 3-7 in Private.

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    Body: 16
    Mind: 8-20 (really depends on the time and who I'm with I've had comments that I act really immature and the exact opposite. But generally only people that know me better comment on me being really mature)
    Spirit: 4-6

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    Physically I'm 24...

    But socially I'm probably close to 40. I never stay out super late... I don't get drunk or party hard like a lot of my peers do. I listen to old-school classic rock. In a group of people my age... I'm usually seen as the most mature one.

    I have been working since I turned 16... which meant I missed a lot of my "teenage" years b/c I was always going to work after school and on weekends. I know what it is like to have to make your own way in the world when some people my age are still living at home with mom and dad.

    However psychologically... in my own mind... I'm probably closer to 5 or 6. Definately more of a little boy. I love cars and airplanes, have an endless fascination with pirates, sci-fi, and fantasy. I like to watch cartoons and play games... I still drag my snuggle bear around the house... and my potty training has been put on hold until I am "ready" for big-boy underwear again (which may be never).

    I thorougly enjoy the person who I am... though I do find myself conflicted sometimes... it's hard to try and balance a warehouse working, meat eating, beer drinking, car fixing, southern man and a cartoon watching, diaper wearing, teddy bear hugging, game playing boy.

    But that's my life... how about yours?

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    I am 27 in body. Spirit is closer to late teens or early 20's. My mind is in the 30's judging by my co-workers who thinks along similar lines.

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    Body: 16 and a half

    Mind: To those who have met me online, the were surprised at my maturity, especially with my deep voice. IRL, I'm just another teenager with oodles of trivial knowledge.

    Spirit: This is more iffy, my mind jumps from an infant, to a pre-schooler. But, lately, I've settled on a mind set of a 3 year old.

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