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Thread: Dream room 3d Model creation

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    Default Dream room 3d Model creation

    I know a lot of people who say thread for news about nursersy i'm doing saw the 3d model rendering of the room done. So I'm offerering to make all you 3d model of your dream room you can tour through with everthing in the room.

    I can even add animation to it for like mobile or what not .

    Here my finsh room I did for myself it very neat you get to see what it would look like before you even do it.

    All need imformation on the theme , style of furniture , and room size like min 12x11 or take guest on it.

    I can make video of render or send you file to tour it your self.

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    Looks freaking awesome, really jealous. Hope I can have something like this one day. :|

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    Ok guest no one interested in this was just thought it be cool to see what other view of dream room would be in 3d model forum . We did this in the sims 3 game few years ago of what dream home would be some day came out very cool creation from other ideas.
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    Very very cool. If I was planning one I'd be all over this!

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    yes I did it took me a few hours and hand made all the texture in photoshops cs5 and all the colors of the room are real paint colors I got swatch from paint company website .

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    Oh myy gooosh!
    You know, I downloaded Google SketchUp and tried making a room, but I was horrible at working on it. ;w;
    But you seem to be a pro, so would you like to give my dream room a shot?


    If there are some details that you're unable to do, skip em. It's fine.

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    [/IMG]Here the start of your room.

    your name like you said.

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    Ahhhh!! So cool!! X3

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