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Thread: Recorded music: live or studio?

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    Default Recorded music: live or studio?

    With all the music threads that have been made, I figured I'd do the tag-along thing and create my own. With a cool poll too, because why not?

    So, today's question comes to us from an spddan in Michigan, USA. spddan writes:

    Quote Originally Posted by spddan,MI
    Dear users of ADISC,

    When you listen to recorded music, what type do you prefer to listen to, studio or live recordings?

    I personally prefer the studio recordings a lot, as I find they give a very clean and pristine copy of the song at its most easy to listen to quality. However, I am ware that many bands are all about putting on a good show and working in more of a free-form environment on stage. So, I have to say that I prefer studio recordings over live recordings except under certain circumstances.

    For some artists and/or songs, it is often better to hear their live abilities, so I feel that it ultimately depends upon the performer and the performance.

    So ADISC, what do you think?
    So, any answers for this not-so-anonymous poster?
    Please indicate your preference in the poll above. If you have time, feel free to post your response below. Thank you.


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    If it's a good quality live recording, it can be just as good as a studio recording, but many live recordings are crappy, due to environmental noise and bad microphone positioning. I prefer clean recordings!

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    definitely depends on the band..usually studio though,

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    studio normally, cant think of a reason why you would want live, just an anoying audience

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    There are very few live recordings I prefer to studio recordings. In addition, there are simply very few live recordings of underground metal that are of passable quality to begin with, so I don't have much of a choice with most of the music I listen to.

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    Haha...when I saw the poll first, I thought you were talking about recording yourself spddan. I've been recorded a number of times when I played in a band. Mostly we recorded in the studio. When we recorded live it was off the board, not from a number of microphones out in the audience. Obviously you can have a lot more effects in the studio, and you can tweak each track as well as balance it, again and again.

    There are remarkable exceptions. The Eagles Reunion album is amazing. I have never heard a wrong note, or off key singing. Those guys were great, and the recording engineering was superb.

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    For me if a band could sound exactly the same as a studio recording as they do live, then I have so much more respect for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Haha...when I saw the poll first, I thought you were talking about recording yourself spddan.
    Hehe. No, I didn't mean that, but I can see how you might think I meant that.

    I actually have been recorded. I was able to make a 2 disc set out of the recordings I had. It's all middle and high school band music though, lol. Those were recorded live at the concerts, and that's pretty much all I have to show for my 7 years of trombone playing aside from a couple of solo/ensemble medals, most of my sheet music, and the actual instruments themselves.

    I suppose I'll pick it back up someday, and perhaps I'll go a bit further with it, but I don't have any major musical ambitions that I would ever pursue. I bet your band was awesome to listen to though.

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    I'll listen to either, but sometimes live recordings are crappy quality, or muddy, so I prefer studio recordings.
    I chose other though.
    I like studio recordings that show human error, or are kind of crappy quality. I would hope it's mixed nicely, but I like to hear that the bands I'm listening to are not computer generated fabrications... Like pop music...

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    Looks like I am the first to vote for live thats to bad more people dont like live recordings.
    To me, it is live recordings all the way! Modern studio recordings are WAY to heavily processed, to the point that nothing about them is natural sounding. They take every little imperfection and nuance out of the voice, to the point the person sounds fake, and then do the same thing with all the instruments, and then add instrument sounds and effects that are always way over the top.

    Because most live recordings are processed much less, there is more of a raw quality that adds something real, and adds more to the emotion of the artist, and the ability to connect to it.

    With the popularity of MP3, youtube music, and other crappy formats, cheap speakers and headphones, crappy quality by default, I can see why people cant appreciate live music, as studio recordings simply sound better on formats and equipment that cant play quality sound.

    You dont need to be rich (I am far from rich), all you need is a half decent record player (or any lossless recording), a couple half decent bookshelf speakers, and a live album to experience what music should sound like.

    Today, people are always quick to throw quality out the door for something convenient like a MP3, never realizing what they are missing by doing this.

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