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    Hi Ėwaves- Iím PadderWoLf, but I go by WoLf.
    Iím not verry good at these things. So Im gona cheat, and use spddanís guide.

    Here goes.

    I am a DL and I am interested in regression and girly things, beyond that I am interested in a varied array of subjects. Hypnotism has always been something of interest to me, but was never able to pursue it. Roleplaying games like Vampire or D&D, they provide a safe escape form the real world, for me. I also RP online. Reading, subject include almost everything; from Scifi, Fantasy, erotica and even some romance. I love to hear of otherís lives that are so much more interesting than mine... a note here Iím a slow reader. I am a fur as a kid I remember talking to the animals. I identify as a wolf, and if I had my way a pink young girl wolf. I guess that makes me a littlefur. Computers, I am decent hardware tech. Leather work, I build collars and cuffs for others. Oh and some times I make floggers, too. Camping, I like being out doors, I mean way out. Swimming, donít get to as much as I would like any more. Photography, I want a better camera. Radio Control cars and planes, my cars are old and slow. Geochaching, it is like a treasure hunt. Herbalism and natural cures. Renaissance faires. Paganism. Bowling. Music, rather eclectic there from classical to Christian; it just needs to move me. I write some fiction, mostly in either a fantasy or anthropomorphic setting. Iíve yet to feel any is worth sharing. I also draw a bit but have the skill of a 3year old with a crayon.

    I would like to meet other like minded people, and learn more from them. May be find more stories to read and may be some day a forum to post my own once I translate the crayon to text.

    I hope that is ok,,,,
    Iím off to nap now. Cant wait to meet everyone.

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    Hey, looks good to me! Then again, I'm biased toward those who use my guide perhaps.

    Welcome to ADISC there PadderWolf.

    Another writer eh? Always happy to have more on board here. I also can't draw worth beans, but that doesn't mean it's not at least a bit fun to try, lol. So, cheers from a fellow musically eclectic writer. I hope you enjoy your stay here on the site. Feel free to post around to get to know people. I understand shyness all too well, but really, we're a pretty open and accepting place so long as you're honest with us.

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    Welcome to adisc. I also enjoy writing and have two stories and some poems posted in Finished Stories. I'm a professional musician and my likes cover a wide variety of styles. Enjoy the site as there are many different topics which we discuss.

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