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Thread: Abena Extra VS Super

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    Default Abena Extra VS Super

    So, I'm looking into getting some Abenas soon- and have decided to steer away from the usual huge, massive diaper (X-plus) and going with something easier to hide for daytime use.

    So, the Abena extra and super are about the same price on the XP, with the addition of two diapers in the Abena Super pack.

    Has anyone worn both? Curious to hear the differences in fit/absorbency even though I've read a bit about them on XP.

    Thanks, and sorry if this question has been asked before.

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    I have a pack of extras that I just got in the mail this week. They are fairly thin, but swell when wet. I can wear them pretty easily under jeans. They have my vote.

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    I use the M2/super, as the x-plus is way to bulky for me. I dont notice that much of a difference in thickness between the x-plus and extra, and the super is only gradually thinner then the extra, but if you compare the super to the x-plus the super is noticeably thinner. So, if you want thinner, but still relatively heavy diaper, go with the extra, but if you want to cut the bulk in half, go with the super. The super is still fairly absorbent, but with much less padding in wing areas, wear you don't need it unless your laying

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    Well my experience is that the super and extra have about the same padded area. Much less in the front than the x-plus. It seems that they both have about the same amount of gel so they get about the same thickness when wet but the super has less pulp so it is a little thinner when dry. Obviously the extra seems to absorb a little bit more as well. The extra is a little bit stiffer and breaks up a little quicker than the super. My suggestion is go with the extra if you want plastic backed, for ten cents it's worth it. If you want cloth backed go with the super (as there is no cloth backed extra?) you will not find a better thin soft diaper that has that much gel.

    I also just tried the Molicare supers. They are thinner than the Abena supers but pack a lot of gel so they are really discreet and surprisingly absorbent (not as much as the super though). They have cloth sides and the rest is plastic (sort of a reversed cvs/walgreens generic design where the plastic is on the outside instead of the inside).

    I would also add that it seems like all the Abena x-plus has on the other two Abenas is again just more pulp. So through the three you have about the same amount of gel but just keep adding some pulp so it absorbs/wicks better and holds a bit more. Personally I am all about the gel though. It makes you feel more like you are part of the diaper rather than the feeling of wearing a towel in your pants.

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    Thanks for the replies, everyone. Gonna go with the Extra for now and I'll try the Supers next month.

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    Sorry for the old bump, I just got my Abena Extra pack a few days ago, and they hold maybe just 2-4 small wettings less than the x-plus... Not nearly as bulky as the premier X-Plus, and much thinner.... if anyone is interested- I could post a picture of the size difference.

    A good choice for anyone trying to decide whether they'd be happier with more diapers, or anyone on a tight budget.

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