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Thread: Spore Creature Creator

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    Default Spore Creature Creator

    Hey guys! Spore Creature Creator comes out June 17th! Be sure to check this thing out. It maybe 10 bucks for what is basically a demo of the Spore game but I am gonna get it!.

    YouTube - May08 IGN Spore Creature Creator Hands-On - part 1

    Here is a link to the leaked Demo
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    Haha, it leaked. Well, the trial did.

    It's pretty cool, there are a lot of possibilities, even with only 25% of the available features.

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    Damn, I was gonna make a topic about this! I'm definately gonna be buying the full version of the creature creator next week.

    Ah well, enjoy my Cuteosaur.

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    Heres something I made yesterday. Its not really that cute. Haha, I beat cha to it Kraiden :3.

    I already got my copy of Spore paid for at ebgames. Its like my birthday present to myself!

    Then I think to myself, "Im only spending 10 bucks on me, DAMN im cheap!"

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    This trial of which you speak... where can I get it?

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    That looks really cool! I will be looking for this!

    Thanks for showing.


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    More images of my creations!

    We could make a game or contest outta this!

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    This thing is pretty fun. Mabye I'll get the full version if I can convince my dad that it's not going to steal his credit card. XD

    A Skorpio appears! o:

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    Just get the game at EBgames/Gamestop on the 18th. Its cheaper than buying it from EA.
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