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    I've been working my way through my first box of abena x-plus diapers. I really like them but I have a question about wearing.

    It seems like the space between the legs is so wide that when I wear them it bunches up... or I'd have to keep my legs very far apart. Is this normal? I wonder if it affects their function if it's squeezed together as I stand up.

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    nah that shouldn't affect the function on them. just make sure the leak guards are higher than the absorbant parts. the usual i guess... have fun they are great diapers!!!

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    It's normal for big diapers to puff up, just make sure the fluff in the padding doesn't bunch up so much that the fluff ends up in one place. It only affects how well it absorbs by making that area more absorbent and the others slightly less. Just fix the bunched up parts every now and then, and you'll be fine.

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    yeah it's common. :p Especially if you've been wearing it for awhile.

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    because the abena xpluses are such a thick diaper it does tend to bunch up a bit especially if you walk around a lot and have had it on for a while. I usually only use the xpluses or the M4 absorbency at bedtime or when i know i will need the extra absorbency like road trips but i wont be moving around much. any other time when i need to wear and will be moving about a lot a M3 or good quality pull up is what seems to work best for me.

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    I wear jeans or jean shorts to work, so I make a point to crease the diaper upward in the middle (bit of a camel toe eh?) before pulling up my jeans. That way the inseam of the jean meets the diaper in the middle and stays there long enough to mold the diaper into that shape for the day. That makes sure the padding stays equally distributed on the left and right side of the inseam, instead of all wadding up on one side. (causing the other side to leak usually)

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