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Thread: My Present to The Adisc Community

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    Default My Present to The Adisc Community

    So I wanted to contribute back to everyone here in someway or another, so I wrote you a song.

    It isn't perfect at all, in fact, the drums and percussion instruments are off a touch which basically ruins the song

    Here it is:
    Husky101 - A Present For You on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    I made it so you can download it if you so want it!
    Comments And Questions are much appreciated!
    Thanks You Everyone And Have A Very Happy New Year!!!

    I thought these might help the thread.

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    not was off a but but i like the song....maybe touch it up and repost?

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    I could eat that song.

    Mainly because music is my choice of food.

    ...Only the finest..

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    I would say that a touch up on the sync of the notes would help a lot, other than that it is really good (I played the french horn for two years, I know what good music sounds like.) A slightly different beat every so often, or a chorus of a certain beat would also help.

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    Great job! Yeah, I would say touch it up and fine tune it for the WORLD to hear!

    P.S. 300th post!

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