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    Default Depends Adjustable Underwear

    what kind of luck have you had with these? are they any good? cuz i have some and i dont know if i like them or not lol

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    Haven't had em before, are they like pullups? I don't believe I've ever heard them mentioned honestly lol.

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    you can pull them on like pull ups, but then the also have velcro tabs to tighten the diaper to your body shape

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    Quote Originally Posted by 11Garrett View Post
    you can pull them on like pull ups, but then the also have velcro tabs to tighten the diaper to your body shape
    are they good?

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    Well I would say if you have some like you said in your first post try one on and go to town. . . Me personally I have tried most of the depend products over the years I have to say if its what you can get they are fine. But I prefer something with a little more absorbency. ^_^

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    They aren't TOO bad... I seem to recall some of the tapes ripping on me....But if you're looking for decent store-bought diapers... Try Walgreens Certainty. It works out to around $10 for 20 briefs, they hold only 1 or 2 wettings, but its more then the Depend.

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    Would it be possible for someone to post a picture of how thick they are? You know next to something like a newspaper or dvd case for thickness comparison. Or are they as thin as the regular underwear? I'd like to see before I buy and I have a rare break to get to the store tomorrow so sooner rather than later would be appreciated.

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    they are a little thicker (sorry dont have any around right now for a pic) and absorbe a little better but not nearly as well as tena or abena

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    iv used them and found they hold one nighttime wetting (nighttime=8hr, no food/drink). BUT that was standing up next to the bed. they can hold another 4hrs or so, but they'll leak when u sit down

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