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Thread: Did you get any AB presents for Christmas?

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    Default Did you get any AB presents for Christmas?

    As the title says, did anyone else get any AB/DL presents for christmas?

    I got a lovely new pink dummy and a comfy fuzzy blue onesie with bumblebee's on it from daddy. He's so awesome ^-^

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    I didn't receive ant AB/DL stuff but I bought myself a bunch of goodnites and a sippy cup.

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    I didnt receive any but I bought myself a nuk5, another adult paci from germany that has a humunugs guard, a bottle with a an adult nuk nipple, and a bunch of bottles from the 80's 90's I found at a store that rarely renews its stock LOL

    *its in my gallery if u wish to see*

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    I got a pair of footed pjs with little toy trains all over them and I also got a really big Teddy bear that I named Bradley.

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    No one knows about my AB thing, or if they do, they don't say anything.

    I did go in on the ABU BOGO sale though, so... I'll be set on those diapers for awhile. I actually prefer the bambinos, but I'll use the cushies for bumbling around the house during the day.

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    My girlfriend bought me a case of Abena X-Plus's, which made me very, very happy! I haven't had them for over a year, and they're my favorite.

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    I got a pair of footie pajamas (Jumpin' Jammerz) from my bubby They have penguins on them!

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    One again this year I had to get my own gifts...I'm a bit of a bah humbug at Christmas anyhow.

    But I did order a few onezies and some plastic pants...and unpacking some stuff last night or this morning if you want to be technical I found my baby keys, baby bonnet and one of my bottles...score...but still missing my zippy cups and a nuk5 purple butterfly somewhere...


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    My grama got me footy pajamas with a drop seat... and (while it's not fully AB) my friends got me J&J body wash, shampoo & lotion as well as a dog squeaky toy shaped like a big pink pacifier.

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