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Thread: Happy Friday the 13th!!

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    Cool Happy Friday the 13th!!

    Well it Friday the 13th, the mostly unluckly day ever and the name of a very good horror film series. So have a Happy Unluckly Friday the 13th!! because is only came around once a year

    *Yep I know that I'm werid and random *

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    *Black cat crosses path, spills salt, breaks a mirror, walks under ladder, steps on cracks, etc*...Well nothing bad hap-*World ends*

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    Nothing bad really happened to me today. My mommy left me yesterday.

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    For me it tends to be a good luck day. So long as full moon is not going on at the same time. :p

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    Aaaaaaaaah!!!!! I wouldn't have realised it! This always happens that someone reminds me.

    Congrats on lucky 1337 posts Pojo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delta View Post
    Aaaaaaaaah!!!!! I wouldn't have realised it! This always happens that someone reminds me.

    Congrats on lucky 1337 posts Pojo!

    Thanks! I didn't even notice ;D

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    I love when this day comes around!! I enjoy Friday the 13th, both the movies & the day!!

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    I was never a big fan of the movies...but I don't mind Friday the 13th. It is only once this year, but frequently it occurs twice in the same year and often three times. See THIS for number of times/year Friday 13th occurs.

    My sister's birthday is today...mine has fallen on Friday the 13th in past years, as well (last year, in fact) :-D

    On Friday the 13th (October/06) I went to a local coffee shop 'n ordered a sandwich, doughnut 'n drink...the total was $6.66 heheh...666 on Friday the 13th! :-D

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    Well my birthday has fallen on the 13th before, and will again in 2010 (Thanks for that link, Ayanna!)

    Today I just feel blah, because I'm that bored, but I doubt that has anything to do with the day.

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