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    Whoa, looking back at all this really makes me think. Figures, I mean, last time I posted was back in May, guess I really dropped the ball back then. This thread will serve as, like the title says, a re-introduction to me. I figured the old one from early 2008 wasn't really cutting it and alot has certainly changed. I've been busy, studies've taken up alot of time and truth be told, I haven't bothered doing anything even remotely tb/dl lately, let alone posting here. Looking at all these new threads puts me off, so many new voices anywhere, yet so few I recognize. But as I wise man once said, every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and oh how ironic that might turn out to be.

    But hey, my name here is Crassi, no surprises there, right? Early on I called myself "Jet", but after realizing it was also the name of a gas station here in Sweden I kind of felt the need for something new. So yeah, I'm Swedish, but I've always been more interested in Russian culture, so expect references.

    On my spare time, when I'm not consumed by studies or similar things I tend to devote my time to studying psychology, or just being with some old friends. Writing is always interesting as well, mostly poetry or short stories (recommend you to read "The roof", a short story I published here) but I have some novels in mind, one of which I may write on here, just cause I love you guys.

    Physically I'm a pretty large guy, but way to slender to count as "big". After a visit to a metre/inches converter I can say that I'm about 6' 6" tall, give or take a couple of inches.

    So, the thing that's probably the most important thing to a forum like this; my attitude toward the tb/dl culture. On my profile I've listed it as private, and generally I'd prefer to keep it that way. But I can safely say that I'm into some degree of DL, but I'm on a break from it (is that even possible?). I feel the TB side is and interesting theory, but it's rather one I'd like to practice not alone, but rather with my significant other.

    So hey, I'm going to cut this thing short now, so I don't scare you guys of with a big wall o' text. So please, please my friends - if there's anything you want to know, or need my help with do not hesitate to ask! I'm a friendly guy, I promise.

    Thank you, and hello once again, Crassi

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    Welcome back to ADISC! I'm to new to remember you on here, but yes, welcome back.

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