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    Lightbulb Pregnant Teen Craze

    I believe MTV is trying to reach out to teenagers about not having sex. But, for there rating's sake they seem to be glorifying the situation (rather the teens), and turning it into something that I can neither pinpoint or digest. It seems off though.

    Anyway, both of my brothers have already fallen under this craze. My younger one having impregnanted his -then-girlfriend (and her having to abort it due to medical issues), and my older (who is 23) whose child was just born about 2 weeks ago. And although I understand that my brother is 23, he isn't exactly his correct age mentally. At all....although he has shown to be a terrific father thus far.

    I'm unsure why teenagers feel like they are ready for sex. My mother tried to explain it to me, but it doesn't really match up. It's pleasurable, I know, but why put yourself in that situation?

    I have a trust problem, so relationships altogether are almost impossible, but I have no idea why others my age would feel that they are grown up enough to handle so much responsibility. I don't understand why they won't to grow up so fast...

    And I certainly do not understand why they just wouldn't wait until they were stable enough for a child. I mean birth control is better than nothing, why do they not seem to use it?

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    Never seen the shows, but isn't shocking they'd be (secretly) promoting it. They know drivel like 16 and pregnant is going to make a ton of money from sponsor (due to ratings), in fact haven't seen a show listed on MTV that seemed like anything but drivel (in my opinion). Sadly, until people stop watching crap, its just going to continue to be shown. Anyways off of that can't say much else on the topic, as really have 0 idea on why 16yo will get preggy. I can only assume its the general teenage stupidity biting them in the ass (not all teens act stupid, but most due. Even if your a teen now and think you don't).

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    Commonly, but not always, these trends usually follow education and economic lines. I can't say for most of the families shown, but the "Teen and Preggo" series just shows that a girl from the trailer park can have her 15 minutes of fame for 9 months of labor and a few emails to Viacomm. Again, most people really aren't ready to have kids pre-career age as shown by most women having a hard time choosing to either have a career life and kids at post 30 or having kids at 18 with a career dad and risking it all by being riding on his coat tails. I'm 27 and couldn't imagine having kids, but that's just my mentality. I'm still part high school 16 year old raver and part 27 year old responsible dad.

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    And tripe like that is why I don't watch TV much other than shows I am comfortable with. I have a great distaste for the exploitation that reality TV seems to be bringing these days. Reality TV is NOT reality TV.

    That's why I won't watch shows like Jon & Kate, Keeping up with the Kardashians, et al as their ilk tends to piss me off more than anything else on God's green Earth.

    That's also why I thank God every day for DVD collections.


    The only reason I have cable is for sports

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrawberryRaven View Post
    I'm unsure why teenagers feel like they are ready for sex. My mother tried to explain it to me, but it doesn't really match up. It's pleasurable, I know, but why put yourself in that situation?
    Teens have been having sex since the beginning of humanity; I don't think this is MTV's fault. Guys just want sex, ALWAYS. I would know; I'm a guy.

    Why are they not using protection? Well, probably because they don't care. They're reckless and obviously don't have proper parental guidance. My parents taught me the dangers of unprotected sex, and advised that I take precautions when having sex. Thanks to them, I've never had a child and am herpes free!

    Though some teens just don't care and do what they want.

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    Wait. Sex is awesome (although I've only done blowjobs before). It's like guns: A gun doesn't get you preggers, an idiot who didn't use a rubber gets you preggers. Wait, WHAT?! It's not a craze either. I hate that you would refer to it as such! It's like refering to pot as a craze...It's been done for centuries, it's not a new idea and neither is sex before the law says you're ready.

    I knew what I was doing when I was like 14 (thanks high speed internet and lack of parental controls!) and I wasn't "ready" for the act, but I understood the implications even then. Just because you don't think before you do something that will fuck up the rest of your life doesn't mean you won't do it. People don't *want* to get others preggers by accident, it just happens. But please, for Christ sake, don't call it a craze. It's not.

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    I've dropped in on the show a couple of times out of (morbid?) curiosity. Maybe its my point of view as a parent and grandparent, but it sure didn't seem to me like they were glorifying sex and/or pregnancy.

    The feelings I got before hitting the remote button was more like "I wouldn't do HER with YOUR _ _ _ _!" and "I'd eat a bullet before I spent the rest of my life in a trailer park with either of you!"

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    Teens who want to get pregnant are Effing stupid and need to have that shit sacred out of their system.
    They don't seem to realize that once they pop out a baby they're going to have the child for life.
    It's all fun and games to those bimbos.

    Ugh it makes me sick to have known 2 girls like this, one of which had three kids by the time she was 19 and a half and her stupid mother thought it was the best thing in the world.

    I want to die....god people may be blissfully ignorant but it kills me >_<

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    Teens like sex because their hormones are crazy as shit. And, since most adolescents feel more mature than they actually are, they feel as if they're ready for that kind of stuff. When something feels awesome, you don't usually put much logic into it. That's just the way it is. (As for the lack of condoms; Most guys say that it doesn't feel as good. And since crazy kids don't think stuff out... Well, you get the point. My boyfriend's 23, still a virgin, and he's at least smart enough to know that safety is more important than pleasure. Keep in mind that his is also the man who never caught onto 'asspadding'. I rest my case.)

    What's sad is that there are girls out there TRYING to get pregnant so they 'can be on Teen Preggoshit'. That's just mind-blowing. It's not glorifying teen pregnancy in the mind of the smart and well-bred, but a good percentage of the population of teenage girls will do anything that the media tells them to do. They're like robots of conformity, stereotypes, and cliques who can't find their own identity and gain some intelligence.

    I'm sure the creator of the television rolls in his grave every day. (Also, Nailbunny, human stupidity is the reason I want to die, too. You're not alone, lol.)

    PS: Sometimes I catch my dog watching Teen Mom if my brother forgets to turn off MTV before he goes to school. That's terrifying.

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