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Thread: celebrity crush

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    Default celebrity crush

    I thought this was an interesting enough topic. Do you have a celeb crush? If you do lets hear who it is. Ive got crushes on Emma stone, Hayley Williams and bro/man crush on Max bemis.

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    I would say emma watson should be added one of mine but I think im in love with heromine(sorry if the spelling is wrong) more and not as much emma watson. if that makes any sense

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    Edward Norton and Milla Jovovich are mine. :3

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    Emma Watson...
    What? You say something? Sorry...

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    I say for i while i was having the hots for Rupert Grint. but then that died off .. I just a sucker for red heads or gingers

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    I haven't any at the moment but the notable ones of my past are Emma Watson (Hermione out of Harry Potter), Julianna-Rose Mariello (Stephanie from Lazy Town and before anyone says "That's sick" she's like 8 she's only 3 months younger than me), Hillary Duff (Lizzy from Lizzy McGuire), and Danni Hammer (Tracy from Tracy Beaker)

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    Katy Perry. Oh my god Katy Perry.

    Also I'd quite like to be the centre of a McFly fuck session...

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    Michael Pitt, He was the lead killer in funny games and Tommy Gnosis in Hedwig and the angry inch he's currently on the hbo series Boardwalk empire (unless he got killed, I dunno cuae i lost my hbo )

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    I think Alexis Bledel, though Natalie Portman looked good in Black Swan, No Strings Attached, her January 2011 movie, I had heard she may do a scene in FOOTED PAJAMAS.

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