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    Smile 'Ello

    I made this account a while back, but never got into it for some reason. Regardless of that status, I still feel I need to introduce of course. I'm dragon, blah blah blah, I like tacos, blah blah blah, I want to make some new friends plox, I love people. I've liked diapers for as long as I can remember, dating back to right after I got out of them 24/7. I would always be so happy at night (I wet the bed for many many moons) when I could slip a pull-up on and go to sleep. When I stopped wetting, I slowly gained more recreational interest in diapers. I began looking up sites, and eventually found that I was not alone. Accepting this, I went on to further my pursuits of diapers. It started out with me nicking diapers from my church nursery. I stopped that, the guilt rising, and was on hiatus for a while. Now I'm at an impass of buying diapers. Seeing as how it's summer there's a greater chance of me being seen buying diapers by classmates and the sort. WAHH! Is frustrating, though, I can cope for now. Back on track, 'Ello and all that, I hope I have fun.

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    Howdy, PS Dragons are Great

    Nice to meet you. Just wanted to send out a big welcome.

    (LG's floppy Drag pokes head out) snort hello (puff of smoke)

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    Welcome back Dragon and welcome! Personally, I'm afraid of Dragons but if your a nice one that's cool!

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