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Thread: I'm so happy now!!

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    Red face I'm so happy now!!

    I took your advice about wanting AB nursery room like I been dream of sine I was TB and now i'm going to have . I talk to parents today and they was more understand then i thought my mom was little hurt that I lied those to her. She told we she thought we had more opening relationship togheter. I said I was sorry and only reason lied was becuase I was afraid to tell them both why I wanted move becuase last time told me to see shrink but said they got use to it and love no matter what.

    So we talk the only request got is keep my door lock at all time and none AB thing come out of the room and to wear pant or boxers over my diaper. So now going have whole adult baby room with crib and changing table now. My mom and dad are going to help me make it like real baby nursery for me. My dad even to offered to build crib and all for to save money for it .

    So think i'm going to paint room baby blue have winnie the pooh boarder and have nursery furniture paint white with crib have pooh mobile . I'm also going paint pooh and frined on the headboard of the crib and do pooh bedding too.

    I can't wait it going to look amazing when done and i'll take photos and post them when it completed i'm so happy they were so understanding .
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    Oh wow right on. Congratz, you're very lucky to have such kind and understanding parents. : D *jealous* Can't wait to see pics of this.

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    I'm so glad that this will make you happy babylife. Like Coritou said, you are lucky to have such understanding parents. I might add here that for those of us who have been on this site for two or more years, we know you and understand your situation. This might not work for many of our members, but it does for you. It sounds like you have a very good plan for your room. I have to say, I love Winnie the Pooh, so have fun my friend.

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    Yeah me too I love pooh bear it alway been my favorite sine I was baby and yeah your right it may not work for other but worth a try all they can do is say no. I don't if it becuase mental state so understand sine not really adult mental wise but what ever it is still happy now.

    Also does anyone know where I can get crib plans I'll have scale the design but I'm trying to make real look and only problem think I would face it how to do drop down side.

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    Post pictures as you build It will be very nice I can tell

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    Congrats on your soon to be new room & Winnie the Pooh is super cute too!! I am glad your parents are so understanding & supportive about this too!! I hope once your room is all set up, your first night in it is great, you sleep well & have nothing but sweet dreams all night long!! Again, congrats babylife & I hope you are nothing but happy in your new nursery!! ^_^


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    What do you plan on doing when friends come over? Do they accept your nursery idea too or will they be not allowed in?

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    Here 3d model of the way I want do it and the style of furniture.

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    What you all think of the design

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    Anyone what knid professinal I would need to pay to do this if need like crib.

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