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    OK. I have an old Dell(It's about five years old) that I just put a 512 MB RAM chip in. I have WiFi at work. I was wondering if it is possible to get a WiFi card or something so I can take my laptop to work to surf the nety? Thanks for the help.

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    Would that work with my home wireless network as well? Are those USB adapters easy to set up? I tried to set up a wireless router and USB adapter about a year ago, and I got so fed up with it(I sat at the computer for seven hours) that I took it back to the store. I finally called my cable company and paid $150 installation fee and they set up a wireless router for me.

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    Assuming it's compatible with the network you have (It probably is -- you're probably using 802.11g) and it's compatible with the encryption you use, then it should be a snap to set up.

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    Currently, I don't have any encryption at all. I'm using a Netgear Wireless-G router if that helps.

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    You should really put some form of encryption on your router, at least WEP. Without it anyone living close to you can easily connect to your internet without you even knowing with a wireless device. Which really isn't a good thing especially if you get someone connecting to your internet that really likes to download.

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    Concur. WEP encrytion is what most of the masses use to fend off potential leechers. They would connect to your network and use your bandwidth to download files into your laptop. Without you knowing, you could be in a lot of trouble due to the fact that the file has been downloaded through your account.

    Purchase a wireless network adapter for your laptop, be it a PCMCIA Cardbus Adapter or a USB wireless network adapter. And since you are using a Netgear Wireless-G router, buy a 802.11g compatible card. Do NOT purchase a 802.11b card for it would not enable you to connect to the network at home if your router is not able to produce the 802.11b signal. Safe route is to buy a 802.11g card or USB adapter.

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