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Thread: wre do these desires/feelings come from???????

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    Default wre do these desires/feelings come from???????

    I'm kinda new here so please forgive me if this thread is a repeat from someone else.

    At age 7 I tried on a diaper for the first time after being potty trained. I did it out of curiosity more than anything. After that I did not have any need/want to put one one til I graduated high school.

    After high school though the need/want came back, so I went to the store to get a pack of Depends. Now it's almost every night I have to pad-up.

    Has anyone gone through something like this???

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    I think everyone on this site has gone through it, wanting to wear diapers again, I mean come on, which forum did you thought you had come to? ofcourse we all love diapers, were ABDL's dude!

    Im an AB and for me its a emotional need, really what I mostly want besides being diapered, sucking on a paci, the more important thing is a care taker. just feeling secure and most importantly loved, being held in someones arm being told they love me, what alittle cutey I am... I need that shit to stay happy & not depressed.
    But then ofcourse there comes times where I just wanna forget all this because its "not normal" and I should try and act more like my friends. but Im really just lying to myself.
    I mean this is who I am! sure there might be some psychological problems since its mostly just his HUGE emotional need but I dont care, I think in the end Im happy Im a AB!(altough it has its pro's & cons)

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    Im IC at least weak bladder...SO I've always had or needed diapers especially at night my whole life...

    When I was in Grade School and Junior High I hated it...But it was the way it had to be...Some of my close friends knew all about it...

    Then after in high school I started to like it again and finally now I could not even sleep without a diaper...

    Im also an AB at least some of the time...

    I love being taken care of and babied...Nuks and cuddly footed sleepers and onesies...

    As for where is comes from...To each his own...Everyone had a slightly different reason or emotion about diapers and being an AB.

    I'm not sure but I'm sure that around high school time you started to get more and more responsibility and expectations loaded on you...

    This may be whay you wanted to back...That seems to be a real common reasone...Release of the stress over having to do things and deadlines etc...As an AB you aren't required to do anything except be your inner child...

    Not sure if I'm on the right track for you...But just sit back anbd think what you feel as an AB or DL and you will figure out why then work on the when...


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    For me the AB feelings come from not having a stable childhood. I wasn't really loved like a baby/toddler should be and I've kinda longed for the feeling since I was old enough to realize it. Then when puberty hit, the feelings shifted to being sexual as well. I think a lot of people just weren't given enough attention at a young age, or at least not the attention they wanted so the desire just sticks with you.

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    I have no idea where my AB desires and fantasies come from, although I think it's safe to say that there's more to Freud than most psychologists would admit - in other words, there are hidden complexities in the process by which we all, in our first five years or so, become persons. Sometimes those complexities leave some of us with a more complicated relationship with sex than others ... anyway: I was having fantasies at the age of five that I can say with hindsight were clearly AB fantasies.

    I've said this before, but I'll say it again. I'm impressed by the number of you younger people who post here about self-acceptance and partnerships in which AB/DLness is tolerated or even welcome. Even though I'm in my late forties I haven't achieved acceptance of my AB side. I'm still very much trapped in the binge/purge cycle. Ironically, the internet has made it easier to do two things: one, to talk to others and post in places like this; and two - whenever I feel the urge to buy AB clothes, the internet is right there with a host of sites to buy from ... so my binges are much bigger than they could ever have been before the net came along ... when I'm bingeing, of course, that makes me happy. When I'm purging, on the other hand, it doesn't. I do wonder sometimes who I would be if I'd been born twenty years later; would the knowledge that I would have acquired from the internet have helped me be more open about this side of me? Who knows ...

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    You ask the wrong question. Its not were they come from its WHY do they come at all. Asking were anything psycological comes from is like asking were water came from you will never know...ever, but asking why they come is a different direction entirely. See with me it all started at age 6. i saw my best friends brother in a diaper and felt jelous of him. dint know why. didnt really care. so when everyone went to bed i snuck into his room to try and figure out why i was jelous. i didnt want to know were the jelousy came from just why it was there. I have always longged to go back to being a toddler. If you really want to know why thses feelings come about its simple to find the answer. All you need is a mirror and the answer is sataring you in the face literaly. Why you want this is because its who you are. noow your probibly wondering well why is this me. there is no answer to that at least not one anyone can find. dont try to figure it out just be happy that you get the second chance for inocents.

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