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Thread: Purposely wetting the bed?

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    Default Purposely wetting the bed?

    I bought a mattress protector, then for the first time in probably 50 years I just let go in bed in just my undies and a t-shirt. Got my undies completely soaked and the shirt hal soaked. How liberating! I have wet in bed wearing a diaper, but this was even better; of course I like wetting my pants as much as wetting a diaper. Anyone else like this?

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    Wetting pants is always fun... It feels so wrong and shameful, and yet so much fun...

    Maybe the shameful feeling is what makes it feel so good.

    I like to stand infront of the mirror and watch the 'fingers' run down my inseam as they spread :3

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    it's not for me. :p I don't really like the cleanup but I'm still a bed wetter so if I don't have a diaper on and it's just one of those nights I really can't help it. v_v

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    You are describing watersports. To each his own. I'm into watersports, but not to the extent that I would pee in bed unpadded.

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    I tried it once, and while it was kind of fun to lay in a puddle, cleanup was a huge pain... I think I'm going to stick with diapers (with a matress protector in case of leaks)

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    That doesn't sound very good to me. Wetting the bed on purpose...wetting diapers for fun is one thing, i can understand that. But wetting the bed, how messy, not even animals would do that...oh wait im wrong, humans are animals.

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    I think I have leaked enough from a goodnite before to qualify as this experience. I thought I was drowning My mommy(wife) wasnt to appreciative either as she had to do alot of laundry after =)

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    I feel for her :/ I have to do my own a lot..

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    I never wet the bed on purpose, as much as I'd absolutely love to I only have occasional monthly accidents I prefer a wet diaper to wet pants anyway, I haven't peed the bed on purpose since one time when I was like 4 and could t be bothered to get up LOL

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    I don't wet on purpose but I do however wet the bed and occasional leaks happen...and yes cleanup is a pain...also if you leak and get all wet i wake up shivering cold....that's me though...


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