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Thread: Issues with diaper height for being a bit overweight.

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    Default Issues with diaper height for being a bit overweight.

    Hello everyone!

    I have a question about finding the right diaper for having a 45" waist. I'm 6'2", and 275 pounds. I could afford to lose about 70 to 80 pounds, and am doing so slowly but surely.

    However, I am also frustrated finding a comfy diaper.

    I have tried the following diapers so far in my life:

    Depends Overnight Large
    Attends Waistband Style Medium & Large
    Molicare Super Plus Medium & Large
    Tranquility ATN Medium & Large
    First Quality Medium & Large
    Abena Abri-Form X Plus Large

    So far the best fitting diaper as far as size goes is the Depends Overnight Large, which is unfortunate as they're not the most comfortable.

    My issues with all the others are the Mediums are all too small, almost painfully tight on my overweight thighs, but the Larges in all cases come up a good 5 inches above my waistline.

    My personal preference with the way the diapers feel lean towards Attends Waistband, and Abena. Obviously I would love to fit in a diaper perfectly and snugly with a waistband, and leak guard liners for that extra piece of mind.

    Is there such a diaper that would fit my preferences that fits me, but does not have a super tall height? It makes diapers get a bit warm around the waist to wear, and I'd imagine the diapers would last longer each session of wearing them if they fit better.

    I realize the only true solution would be to keep losing weight and in the meantime, either suffer with Depends Overnight Large with low comfort and volume, or with the Attends Waistband large with no leak guards and super high waistband covering nearly my whole stomach.

    Any suggestions?

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    :| Well welcome to the board, check out the introduction section though for starters. The best you could do in my opinion is continue to lose weight as you said, I'm not sure of any diapers that would fit you well seeing as how you've ruled out the more popular ones. Give the large Bambino diapers a try?

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    Oof! Sorry about rushing to this board without an intro. I've just finished supplying one. Thank you for your response, I'm very much enjoying this board. It's VERY mature and informative!

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    Not a problem. : ) Hope you find a diaper that fits you comfortably.

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    I'm sorta in the same boat, but in between a small and medium. Smalls are just a tad tight, but I swim in mediums. I need to find a small that runs a little larger.

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    Tena Slip diapers in Aus/UK have a lower cut than most. Also the Large is a little smaller than say Abena or Molicare. I wear tena slip M as my day to day diaper. They don't sell Tena slip in the US but you can give the various tena briefs a try. Maybe they have a similar cut.

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    back when I first went full time, i was actually about your weight, the Abena larges were the best fit, the Xlarges were too damn big (do ppl really come that huge?!!?) but none of them really fit right.. that was several years ago, and many pounds ago, right now, Larges in any brand are too big, and i'm still over 200

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