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    Cool plastic pants

    Hi to you all , Im a new member from Southampton -England . my Life-long interest has always been babys plastic pants , Ive never been able to fathom it out why I have such an love &interest . Im not in to wearing diapers . my love for the pants goes back to a young boy of about 9 or ten yrs old when I saw a pair of Plastic pants on a neighbours clothes line . The temptation got to much ,and one night after dark i toke them from the line . The smell and tecture was just too much , So it started , in the last two years since finding that you can buy them from the internet ,behind my wifes back Ive brought them , i must have close to the region of about thirty pairs -all colours . I wear themm under my jeans , I alway hand wash them & towel dry , and use talcolm powder ,that prevents the sticking to your butt , also it makes them inflate lovlie feeling . I hope you can except me onto these forum pages

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC!
    Your introduction, although an interesting story, did not tell us anything about you. We want to know you as a person, not as plastic pants. Don't worry - focusing entirely on diapers/regression/plastic pants etc. is a very common mistake. Have a read of the stickies at the top of the Greetings forum. Sorry if this sounds like a rant.
    Once again, welcome to ADISC!

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