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    Heya people, just introducing myself as baby jess told me to. Been a lurker for a while but went on a train journey and read baby jess' story Jessica and decided to join just to tell her how brilliant her writing was. Anyway im Andy 28 from North West England. Regarding my abdl side i was a bedwetter til 7 and therefore the nappies always stayed close to me, still wear occassionally now when i get the chance (got some cuddlz). I'm engaged and have been with my fiancee over 5 years but we are going through a funny phase, she knows about my ab side but sadly isnt that keen so it makes it a bit awkward, she has worn herself but again it isnt her thing.

    Regarding my normal life i am addicted to sports - insanely too much hence one reason for coming here to avoid watching endless sky sports and to stop me gambling (not addicted and not that bad at it - honest). I also love my rock and roll music, in particular Oasis, libertines and the smiths. Generally im just your bog standard basic boring bugger who likes a laugh and has come here in the hope of talking to some vaugely (or not vaugely) interesting folk who can introduce me to some brilliant funny interesting things whilst at the same time sharing my abdl side.


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    Welcome to ADISC! Great intro, not much else I can say.
    Hope you enjoy it here,

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    Hello and welcome (again) to the forums

    So, are you addicted to playing or watching sports? Are you one of those people who will just watch anything so long as it is sport? My brother is very much like that, he will watch pretty much any sports and is like a walking encyclopaedia of sporting knowledge. I am the complete opposite and hate just about every sport, playing or watching. I don't mind watching snooker (does that count as a sport?) because I can follow what happens - if it goes in a hole it's a goal, unless it's the white ball - but most other sports confuse me and I get confused with regards to what happens.

    Nice that you are a lover of good music though - I haven't really listened to much of the Libertines apart from the singles they've released, but Oasis and The Smiths are definitely two of my favourite bands. Do get a chance to see many of the bands you like live? If so who was the best?

    If you're looking to chat about funny and interesting things whilst you're here then I would definitely suggest checking out the chat room (click the 'chat' button at the top of any page). It's a good way to get chatting to people properly.

    Look forward to seeing more of you around the forums

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    Watching sport is my addiction, i wish it was playing because i might lose a bit of timber then. Quality description of snooker you make it sound like golf. I think i could defo give your brother a run for his money in a sporting quiz off. Will try and get on the chat at some stage. Not seen any bands for a whilem saw arcade fire a while back, best live band i've seen. Cheers for the welcome

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