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Thread: English Subs or English Dubs?

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    Default English Subs or English Dubs?

    Which do you prefer when watching anime, english subs or english dubs?

    I prefer english dubs, but I will watch an anime english subbed if an english dub does not exist.

    Note: I pretend that all Animax-Asia dubs don't exist, since they are very terrible dubs.

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    Subs, English voice actors are terrible and practically every anime uses the same 7 people to do the dubbing. I'll use dubs if it's the only thing I can find...

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    I like both, to be honest. Subs more than dubs, usually because, hey... That's the original. (And I watch dubs so I can look at the animation instead of reading. I'm either an audiophile or I'm an animation fangirl. I can't be both at the same time unless I'm watching a Pixar film.)

    I just don't like it when people are all opinionated about it. If you don't like the dub of x, then fine. You can watch x subbed, but x dubbed has Crispin Freeman in it, so I'll watch that. I don't care if I have to change my panties in the middle of the episode because his voice is like earsex to me.

    It's like potato chips. "I don't like Lays, I like Terra. I don't care, but don't your fucking Lays in my bowl of taro chips."

    (Also, there are a lot more than 7 English voice actors. :P It's just that the dubbing studios don't outsource their VA's to other companies. Which is why Johnny Yong Bosch is in EVERY. ANIPLEX/BANDAI. DUB. EVER. I like him and all, don't get me wrong. I just don't want him playing my favourite sociopathic Eskimo. The English dubbing system is just much different than the Japanese one. There are good English dubs, and sometimes the Japanese make a total fuckup of a character/voice actor combo. I hate to say it, but the Japanese are not Gods. They may make something different in the realm of animation, and they may have fake vaginas in cups, but we all have our flaws.)

    tl;dr: The original Japanese dub is usually better because a.) the original is usually better anyways and b.) the system is different. Only one studio dubs an anime in English, so they use the voice actors they hired. I can't count how many times I thought that z would do a better job at playing y, but then I remember that z works for a different company.

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    Subs. Something about the English version ruining the voices with the worst noise imaginable seems to make the show unwatchable to me.

    That is why when I steal (Torrent. Get off me.) anime, it's either Subs or no-go. It can sit and rot.

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    I like sub over dub because American voice actors rarely get it right. When you love a show, you need to watch it in it's original form to get the full meaning of what the director wanted. It seems to me that the Japanese voice actors get more into character, they emanate feeling. The dubbed version are often more comical than serious because you can't help but laugh at some of the inflections.

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    The only shows I ever liked dubbed were cowboy bebop, samurai shamploo, and FLCL

    other than that I chose subs

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    When I watch live action movies in a language that I do not speak, I always watch them subbed. I just can't stand the sometime so-so lipsynch, not to mention that quite often the voice actors are quite subpar (i.e. the English sub of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo...).

    For animated movies I don't care quite as much. By default I'll watch them subbed, but once in a while the dub is decent enough (sometime I'll watch part of it dubbed and part of it subbed, like I did for Death Note).

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    There are only a few series that I actually like dubbed, Cowboy Bebop, and Afro Samurai, although Afro Samurai is good either way, 'cuz no matter what it's Samuel L Jackson talkin'.

    but besides that I generally watch subbed because most the good anime is only subbed, and occasionally in the dubbed versions they change the genders of questionable characters (was done in some anime with some effeminate, gay, character, I think it was Last Exile maybe, which is a great anime)

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    Whatever I can get ahold of. I watch stuff online so if the site has it subbed, I watch it that way, and vice-versa. I've only seen like 5 series of anime though so I really don't have a preference.

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