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Thread: Still waiting for summer

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    Default Still waiting for summer

    I look at the thermometer every morning and wonder when ummer is going to get here. We've had a very long winter and a very late summer - even by northern Ontario standards. Temperatures here are barely inching above 5 degrees.

    Back in April we had T-shirt weather for about three days straight. Then it got cold again. Then at the end of May/beginning of June it was warm again for a week and a half, even HOT some days (25 degrees).

    I'm sick of cold weather. I want the cold waters of Lake Superior to heat up so I can go swimming. I want the days to be warm enough to go swimming in my friend's pool. I want to jump on my trampoline with no shirt and ride a horse naked. But most of all I want it to be summer.

    I can't wait for global warming to hurry up so it'll get tropical up here.

    So what's taking so long?

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    I look at my thermometer and wonder when Winter is going to get here.

    I've been relatively comfortable wearing just a t-shirt and jeans.

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    It's been hot here some days (feeling like 100F)...But winter was pretty warm too...So I guess global warming is already here ;D

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    For the past few days its been 95* F 36* C its friekin hot!!! But luckily tomarrow is the last day in my un-air conditioned school. =]

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    I don't have a/c in my if it never gets hot that'll be fine by me! I'm not terribly fond of hot weather.

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    been of and on here in old blighty .. one day its about 25 degrees and really sunny, the next its bleak and pouring down with rain.
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    Haha, the weather has been dipping its feet into the triple digits for the past couple weeks here in Texas. It's not perfect, but it's much better than Winter (even Texas' "mild" Winters are way too cold for me).

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    Summer was slow getting here in northern Pa. but it's here now, I can't stand the cold and still have some of my winter stuff out in my room, just incase it changes it's mind.

    Even the trees and bushes that would have bloomed in mid may are behind the times, I have a bush in front of my house that should have bloomed in early may, it's just now has flowers on it.

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    My area was under a heat warning over last weekend, its hot and it is not as fun as you'd think.

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