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Thread: Who else was turned to the "wet side"?

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    Default Who else was turned to the "wet side"?

    Ok for those of you that do not know I was not “born into” the life of DL. Instead I found DarkFinn and when he came out to me, he also asked me to wear if it was not too odd. This was the start of me being “turned to the wet side” as we say.

    Because of this I was very slow about joining the community because I started from a different place (I thought) then everyone else.

    The question I have for you is, was anyone else here turned, or am I really that unusual?

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    *Looks around to see if anyone is raising their hands*
    Not me...

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    I've kind of converted someone online...They have yet to get diapers though...

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    I suppose my question is double sided. I want to see if there are others, also if you are out there, when did you convert? DF and I have debates about how converting later in life gave me more insight into my self in some ways....

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    Well, I don't know if she minds me saying, but I will anyways. My lurker buddy was turned here by me. <3 I came out to her, and she made the confession she used to be curious about it, and lost that curiosity. Around me, it's started to come back just a little bit.

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    I know someone on this site is getting his furry friend to try diapers. He already got his furry friend in one and got him to wet it too. They are doing it again soon. As for me I was "born" into it.

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