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    So im a pacifier shopoholic and if my Nuk 5 gets here without any drama. I might just buy online again..

    I stumbled upon this site

    It looks kinda sketchy but its interesting to see different adult pacis besides the Nuk 5..

    My question is, has anybody ordered from them before?

    or used any of these pacis? how good are they?

    Its gotta be the wierdest site ever lol. Ive never seen pacis or bottle nipples quite like this , but ..nevertheless..

    I dont even get how to order in the first place..and I cant read german.. o.o

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    hm, there are a number of old threads on here about that site. Here's a link to the site's main page:

    Peachy (our German mod) gave this input on one of the threads. It does look like there is contact info now; however, the pictures and such are a bit...weird to say the least. I'd be curious to know what Peachy thinks, as I cannot read the German text very well.

    Oh...and for a size comparison, one of the old threads linked to this photo: Size comparison of pacifiers
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    I don't use pacifiers, but even if I did the baby hand reaching for the bondage gear would turn me off quickly.

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    I'm not one to trust a site with so many baby hands on it. How many babies does it take to get that many hands, anyway?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    I don't use pacifiers, but even if I did the baby hand reaching for the bondage gear would turn me off quickly.
    Ummm....quite...I do use a pacifier, but that website definitely disturbed me. *shudders*

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    I have nuk5 and would love one bigger...

    But he'll that site is way creepy and I agree looks like the site was made by a baby...well at least a real one not an adult one...

    Baby's and bondage... Humm! Very unnerving


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    As a web designer myself, that site disgusted me

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