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Thread: Im new at this whole thing

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    Default Im new at this whole thing

    I am a new DL and would like to know more about this site

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    Then look around and be sure to post! Tell us more about yourself! We want to know

    Have fun on the forums!

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    Like the sign up top says, the site's a support community for Adult/Teen Babies, Diaper Lovers, and people with Incontinence. Unlike some sites for people with the same interests, we're more about the whole person than just this one specific interest. We're also not a dating site, so while you can make friends here, you shouldn't expect to be meeting up with people without getting to know them first or be solicited for the same.

    There are a range of ages, sexes, and genders present, but despite the kind of odd thing that brings us together, it can be a pretty "normal" (maybe balanced is the better word) site. Just look around, post on topics that interest you and try to get to know people. You can help that by telling us a little about yourself as well. Nothing major, just some interests or hobbies or whatnot. It's pretty low-stress. Welcome.

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    thank you I got into diapers from seeing my friend in them for bed wetting and not letting me were them

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    How about telling as all about yourself. Do you like video games? Cars? Art? What are you into, what are your hobbies?

    Anyway, it was really nice meeting you.


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    I like paintball and video games alot I also like simpsons and family guy, OH! and GTA IV is realy cool to and MGS 4 and COD 4

    OH I also am into video game art and music, I will post a picture of my work soon
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    Please feel free to post and check out the Wiki and chat.

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    Hey FSD and welcome! Trevor summed up the site pretty well, so now I have nothing smartical to say! I always wanted to go paintballing, is it fun?

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