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Thread: Am i broken? please help

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    Default Am i broken? please help

    Hey guys, for anyone who doesn't know. This is Zebeny. I had trouble remembering my login information. Anyways on to my thread.

    Ever since I was 11 till my current age of 17, Ive slowly became a DL therefore having sexual gradification towards diapers but I don't think my body is working right in the heterosexual area. I am visually attracted to women but the stimulating part doesn't happen.

    My dad said this would only be a phase thinking I'm a late bloomer. In his way of helping break this diaper fetish, he did what any father would do for his 17 year old son, he showed me some women pornography on internet. Regretfully no stimulation either.

    I'm still trying to date girls though thinking a miracle will happen. What about if I get to third base and screw up because the cock is broken. That would just suck lol. I don't know what to do. I'm confienced this is no phase. But I want to have a girlfriend and possibly a wife and kids one day.

    Please if anyone has anything they can want for wisdom. Or if you have anything like this please comment. If there are any grammicatical errors I typed this on a droid.

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    I don't have much to say in the way of wisdom but I will offer confidence and advice. You are not broken but you mustn't feel bad about this. Everyone progresses through life at their own stages, you just need to be patient and experience life at it's best, it doesn't matter how you develop but how you enjoy your life.

    I don't think that there is anything wrong or broken about you and you shouldn't feel like you are broken. I hope this helps you feel better about yourself.

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    Im not suprised that watching porn with your dad didnt get you aroused. I dont think there are many of us who would be! This is a complicated issue and one that really only you can discover the answer too. There is such a cross over area between straight, gay, transexual etc that rarely can people categorise themselves into just one. Something to think about though is that the more pressure you put on yourself, the worse it will get. You just need to take time to find where you fit in and everything will work out in the end. We always hear about our friends - especially at your age - talking about girls they just had sex with and it seems the only topic of conversation. Well, I was like you, and I didnt have sex until I was 24, not because I couldnt find someone, but because I wasnt interested in it. Whilst that is over the adverage age to loose your vaginity, its not that uncommon either. Everyones different but thats what makes life interesting!

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    That makes since. Thanks a lot an for the advice. I just was scared because my dad jokes around all the time when he was a young man he'd Always be sexually attracted to women at my age. I told him what I told y'all without the dl part.

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    So you aren't so confident that you are straight? Shot in the dark but maybe you should view something a little different from what your dad is showing you. Just to see if you do have a different attraction, which will certainly be an interesting predicament. I have a friend who is still having trouble coping with his sexuality and there really isn't easy advice to give. You can choose to hide it, but accepting yourself is what should be top priority.

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    Well I don't know I think I'm straight lol. That's a hard question to answer. I mean I already like diapers but I don't really want explore my sexuality because of potential spiritual damnation.

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    Diapers don't necessarily determine hetero or homosexuality, but if you are turned on by not only them but the person who is wearing them, that could lay it out for you a little more clearly. Of course most DL's are into just the diaper but just subtly explore what really gets you turned on. Everyone has guilty pleasures, even those who are on the spiritual side.

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    Well I've been on the I don't know what you call it but adult baby women sites trying to make a connection between the two. It kinda worked but not really like the diaper not woman. Still appreciate the female body don't get me wrong

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    There's a lot I could say, and probably will

    First of all yes - you may well be "broken" but I think it highly unlikely. I would suggest looking at the matter more closely before jumping to more conclusions. Whether you are or not depends on a bunch of things, highest on that list being what you consider constitutes "broken."

    If my van's battery is kaputt and fails to work, but the van is otherwise intact is it broken? How about if the battery is in fact fine but the terminals are corroded and just need a good cleaning with sandpaper and it then will go merrily on its way? Was it broken?

    You understand this is a metaphor; and "broken" is an all-or-nothing kind of idea, and what "broken means" must be clarified.

    ... but before I continue in a lengthy way about why I am betting you are far from broken, with evidence, explanation, examples and reasons enough to lessen your worries, I would ask you to prompt me to continue below - or in pm if you prefer. We are discussing your very most personal things after all: your mind and stuff in it, your mental and spiritual health, your sexual identity...

    For now I will offer a possibility that you might think about, that may ease your mind.
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    go on if you prefer racoon. I'm very much intrested in your comments and everyones

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