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Thread: I'm not gonna be a non-poster anymore!

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    Default I'm not gonna be a non-poster anymore!


    I'm PunkCub. I'm a wild MtF skunk punk from London! Hell yeahhhh!

    Hope I can find new friends here!

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    Welcome PunkCub! Take some time to read the suggestions and stickies on this Greetings/Introductions forum to kind of flesh out your intro. This is really the best way to introduce yourself as a person to this support community. In the process you'll get a chance to get to know other members and start to make friends.

    If you're new, we ask that you make a topic in here to introduce yourself so we can get to know you and vice versa.
    If you're stuck for what to say in your greeting, here are some tips:

    Hope you can find new friends here! Hell yeahhhh!

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    I'm glad your joining us, always good to another punk fan. ^-^

    So, why not tell a little about yourself? What hobbies do you like? Any personal interests? And are you Converse fan or a Vans fan?

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    Oops! Sorry, I am a bit too shy

    My hobbies: I play bass, and I LOVE music. The Sex Pistols.. you know, the punk stuff. I'm more a Vans fan, but I also like Doc Martens. The "hard" stuff

    I will also post a pic of me soon.

    My fursona is a 23-year old skunk called Nicole. A Punk Skunk, dare I say. I wish I could scan a drawing But she has the same dressing style as me

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    Never got much into the Sex Pistols, me more of an alternative fan: Rush, Muse, Pink Floyd, as well as Tiesto and such. I like all sorts of music but can't remember any Sex Pistols songs. >__<

    Doc Martens are great shoes! Me, its either my Converses or my heels. I love platformed heeled boots. X3 But punk fashion is one of my favorite, love pleated skirts, gloving, and attention getting leggings. :3 Still thinking of what to do with my hair though. :\

    Can't wait to see a pic of you. I think me and you might get along quite well. ^-^

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    Oh I LOVE platformed heeled boots. I especially like raver attire. I'm kind of a "raver-hag" you know ^^

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    MMM I am a fan of much punk too though I was not into the garb, safety pins or even the footwear; I remember punk in the days of self piercings and Sid and Johnny. Supressed rage and frustration seems common throughout us, as well as seeking solace and isolated comfort in diapers. You'll find many with a common outlook here...

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