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Thread: Best cloth-like cover (true refastenable) on the market?

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    Default Best cloth-like cover (true refastenable) on the market?

    Honestly, I've read a lot of reviews of cloth-like covered disposables on the site, and I know most folks here are very negative towards them. I'm looking at them because, quite frankly, tapes are annoying on a number of levels here, and I want to get something that can actually be refastened without destroying the diaper, particularly since most of what we do is ageplay, and thus diapers rarely get completely soaked, if wet at all.

    So, anyone got any advice to this end?

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    I really like the Attends Breathable briefs. They are available from XP Medical.

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    CVS/Walgreen/Walmart/Costco Cloth-backed Overnight (Day/Night) Diapers would suit you well. It can be refastened a dozen or so times. Maybe more - and they are very cheap and easily found at these stores I listed. They do hold a decent amount (a couple wettings before needing to change) and is quite good for active use.

    You should look into these. They average around 10 bucks each bag.

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