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    Default Oh no!

    i like alot of thing like air and the color yellow.
    what do you like?

    "Oh no!
    Hanging around without saying anything has turned you into a Lurker."

    i dont like that word "lurker" it make me mad. say it in a nicer way.
    what do the think
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    I put your two threads together as they were both at least somewhat introductory.

    Welcome to the site. "Lurker" is a standard Internet term for one who observes without commenting but we'd very much like people not to want to be lurkers, so we'll take any nudge toward posting. For my own part, I think lurking has a proud and noble history, giving people enough time to decide if a community is for them or if they are for the community.

    By the time I was done lurking here, I knew very well what kind of posts would fly and which would be inappropriate and I even managed an adequate introduction thread, which can be hard going. Along those lines, maybe you can tell us a bit more about yourself. We don't want your real name or social security number, just some general information that helps us get a handle on what you're about. Some people include their diaper history and while there's nothing wrong with that, it's something that most of us share so while it would be worth a comment or two most anyplace else, it's less so here (we've got specific threads for that, anyway). Take a look at this thread if you need some ideas on how to do it: and get back to us. Hope to hear more from you

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