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Thread: Last day of school!

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    Default Last day of school!

    Just got our of school today, now i can relax and enjoy summer. WHen did all of you get out?

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    Got out last week. Have to do some tutor stuff this summer but only one time a week.

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    Still got another full wekk of school. Then exams start. My last exam is in the afternoon of the very last day, so I pretty much have 2 weeks of school left.

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    My two classes were over a couple of months ago. I have another class starting on the 23rd. Our schools got out last week.

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    I finished on Wednesday, as in that was when my last lesson was. I have one day of exams, next Wednesday.

    I've finished all my other exams! Just did one a couple of hours ago in fact!

    I can't wait until it's all over!

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    Last test was going to be yesterday... it got postponed to today, now it's going to be Tuesday. (got to love teachers)
    2 more weeks of activities though. Then I'm finished for the summer. Which will mean Lifeguard and caravan for me. (oh and I promised someone I'd make them a site)

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    I've been done for about...6 weeks.

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